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Intel System Debugger 2016: ERROR E-2201


I am trying to use Intel System Debugger 2016 (x64) Version 16.0.84641 along with an SVT Closed Chassis Adapter to debug a Skylake system over USB3.

To set things up, i do:

  1. File --> Connect
  2. Hardware Probe: DCI-OOB (SVT Closed Chassisi Adapter)
  3. Target Platform: 6th Gen Intel Core Processor (Skylake)
  4. Connect

In the console, I see "INFO: Initializing probe connection, this will take a moment."  

Intel System Studio License Check Fail

Hi Intel Support Team,

I have a key for Intel system studio 2016. I have registered it with Intel registration center, to which they have sent me a '.lic' file. I have put it in the required folder  '/opt/intel/licenses' but still am unable to use it and an error pops up as: 

"Intel VTune Amplifier 2016 for systems cannot find valid license. Data cannot be displayed.
Error 0x4000001f (No valid license) - License file is not found. Make sure that your license file is in correct location and readable."

Can you please help me with it.

I2C recovery Ignore

Hi all,


I am working on development of a customized android tablet based on intel Baytrail-T.


In the above project we are facing a issue due to I2C.

Here is the step by step scenario of the issue:

1-Power on the board and let it boot to the android GUI.

2-Press the power button for some time and then power off the board from the Android Gui.

3-Now power on the board without disconnecting the power supply.


Then the board gets stuck and we get the beow logs continously.


SST(System trace tool) cann't be started up!!!

After I installed the SST(System trace tool) on the PC(OS:Win7),I try to run the application,but I got the error message like "An error has occurred.See the log file c:\Users\steve\stt\workspace\.metadata\.log.".(I attached the screenshot and log.)

Anyone can kindly check and tell me how to solve this kind of problem?

 I tried on 4 PC(3 PC use Win7, 1 PC use Win8),2 PC of Win7 got error and cann't be started,2 PC of Win7/Win8 can be started successfully. 

Can not install ISS-2016 on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi ISS support team,

I downloaded the Ultimate verison of ISS to evaluate this product. But I can not install ISS-2016 on Ubuntu 14.04.

I was blocked at the Step 3 of 7 | Activation. -----

1. I want to activate my product using a serial number [default]
2. I want to evaluate my product or activate later 
3. I want to activate by using a license file, or by using Intel(R) Software
License Manager

Current JTAG support doubts

I'm Marcus, from Brazil, and I have some questions:

Aiming to debug systems using JTAG I identified "ITP-XDP 3BR Kit" JTAG and "Development Kit: 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4700EQ processor with Mobile Intel® QM87 Express Chipset" as the most recent ones, is this correct ?

Another question is about their availability, once the development kit is said as "Program offered from July 2013 - June 2014
Lastly, are there any official JTAG supporter here in Brazil ?

Thanks a lot


Which Intel Compiler can create Firmware for Bare Metal Circuit Board Operation?

Hello all,

  I'm looking for a firmware compiler for the Intel Atom D410pt Deskboard. I don't wish to do Linux/Windows/Any Other OS app development.

Which Intel Compiler can create firmware for bare metal programming, like the Atmel series MCU's use.

Understood BIOS lives in Flash, but so does Atmel AVR32 firmware.

How do I create a BIOS binary? I'm not seeing 1 single compiler for bare metal programming.

They're all Windows this and Windows that. How do we program the circuit boards in binary?

Iscriversi a Intel® System Studio