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FSC controls

I am trying to use "Print Colorized Fortran" option and for some reason, I have lost the font size and color when printing directly to printer. The *.htm file is created in the c:windows emp directory ok and I can print the correct file format from there. What settings are needed and where are they applied to control the correct print from the original menu selection?


I am a new user of Fortran and trying to make some computations. I want to know how I can plot my calculated results to make them straightforward? I am using a PC interfaced with SUN workstation.

Many thanks.

write to samba share generates error 38

When I try to write to a file that is located on a network drive that is shared
from an SGI system using samba, I get the following messages:

forrtl: The mounted file system does not support extended attributes.
forrtl: severe (38): error during write, unit 12, file g:

Does anyone know of a simple work around?


Systemmenu in Dialog - Closing Window Button

Hi, I have anotehr problem, and I hope, somebody can help me ;-). I built a dialog application for Windows under VF6.0. Now I included the "systemmenu", containing the minimize,maximize and clos-button at the right top of the dialog. Maximize is greyed (yes, done with intention), minimize works, but the problem is: the closing/exit button (the one with the "x") doesnt work at all. I tried to find something out, then I checked the examples shipped on the DF-Cd. But even in the dialog examples, the button is without any function.

Fortran/assembly mixed programming

I have a fortran program that needs to call an assembly subroutine; this worked using IBM Professional Fortran and Ryan McFarland Fortran;

I did not write the assembly and do not know how it was assembled.

I have dispsub.asm and dispsub.obj files;

I have added the fortran source to the project and added the dispsub.obj file to the project; I have compiled the fortran program without errors;
when I build the exe, I get the following error message:

Global Variables???

The following code is a nonlinear regression example taken from the IMSL statistics library. The name of the IMSL subroutine that performs the nonlinear regression is RNLIN. The comments in the code below explain how the user must provide a subroutine (EXAMPL) that defines the curve that will get fit to a set of (x, y) data. The IMSL documentation specifies the arguments that the user-supplied subroutine must have, and none of those arguments allow you to pass your (x, y) data set in. In the IMSL example, the (x, y) data is hard coded into the subroutine EXAMPL.

Modules in a static library

What special considerations exist for putting a module inside a lib?

I have a module which works fine when included as sourse code in various projects but when I try to put it in a lib file and add the lib file to the source files I get various link errors which were not there before.

The Mod file has been copied to the INCLUDE directory.

in one case only two routines (out of a set of very large number in the module) are picked on, as being unresolved and are being looked for by different decoartions

read bitmap from file to array

Dear all,
I need to read several bitmap (*.bmp) files into a 3-D array to work on the pixel values.
I found a solution using Quickwin & LOADIMAGE & GETPIXEL. However this is very time consuming, so reading 500 files takes very long.
I tried to use other options, e.g. using GETIMAGE which reads the screen image into a buffer. However, I wasn't able to interprete the buffer format, and I also found that the buffer format differs on Windows98 and Windows 2000.

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