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text integer conversion

This is a newbie question, have the following code, which works acceptably but am wondering if there is a simpler way to do it? I want to have a list box with a selection of integers or real numbers available as choices. I want to read the operators selection, do some calculations with this choice and then output them back to a different dialog box. If there is a way I would store the originals in the intput box as integers or reals, rather than strings.


The following prompt displayed when I compile a fortran program
fatal error F1053: 'JAC' : function too large for global optimizations
Could you help me to shoot this problem because I do not find 'error F1053' in online infoView, I am using Fortran Powerstation, by the way.

Data Coversion

1. Is it the data conversion of real(8) to interger(4) valid for the above O/S and P IV machine?
2. What is the maximum length of the integer(4) and real(8)?
3. Is the random number generator dependence to the different type of computer?

Gui Builders comparison

Does anyone have any experience with the gui-builders available for cvf:
Gino, Winteracter...
What advantage (if any) do these offer over the the native capabilites of cvf + msdev? (considering that the only thing missing there is the ObjectWizard compared to ms-C.)

How do Gino and Winteracter compare to each other?

Thanks in advance, TimH

Modify menu

I would like to know how we can disable the main menuitems like the File,Edit, Help, etc so that I don't have to individually modify each subitem.Thanks in advance,

Enable Menu

I would like to know which function to use in order to enable or disable a menu item.Should I use
SendMessage( GetDlgItem( hDlg, IDC_REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS), BM_SETCHECK, 1, 0);
If I use sendmessage what are parameters for that function to enable the menu
Also to change the text(caption) displayed in the menu what function should I use.Thanks,

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