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Anticipated direction info for Media SDK 2015 for Linux Servers

In the spirit of open communication, we've assembled current plans for our 2015 Linux product. This includes some changes in supported Linux distributions and hardware.  

For more information please see the article below:

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Processors that support QuickSync

I believe that there were a few Sandy Bridge processors that did not do QuickSync, and that the only way to be sure if it was supported was to look up the processor in the Intel Ark and look for QuickSync in its feature list.

Can we assume that ALL Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Broadwell processors can do Quicksync decoding/encoding, or are there still some annoying exceptions that mean we still always have to consult the ark website to find out ?



Encoder and VPP setting for 720p50 encoding


My application generating 50 progresive frames (resolution 1280 * 720) per second.

 I want to encode this frames using IQSV encoder in 720p50 mode (1280*720 50 frames)

So what will be the encoder setting and VPP setting?

Also I want to know we have to pass only 25 progressive frame to encoder or we can pass all 50 frames to encoder.

Currently if I send all 50 frames for encoding, then output file is duration is double than duration for which we record.

If I send alternate progressive frame to encoder then output file is proper.

multi transcode sample doesnt work with "-la" option


I have a PC with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz

I am running the precompiled sample binaries in the following way and this is the output


[root@localhost mediasdk_samples_bin]# ./sample_multi_transcode_drm -i::h264 /home/victor/Documents/MediaSDK/content/vq_src.264 -o::h264 /home/victor/Documents/MediaSDK/content/mss_out_5M_u1.265 -hw -la
Multi Transcoding Sample Version 5.0.1604371.71

Intel media sdk H.264 decoder handle leak

I think bug in MediaSDK.

OS : Windows7 (x64)
SDK:API version 1.11

1. Create instance and initialize.

2. Execute decode operation.

3. Close operation.(reference to the sample code)

When performing the above operation, handle count increases one.
If does not execute decode, handle count does not increase.(create instance -> initialize -> close)

I think the wait handle that was created in asynchronous decoding has not been released.
If this is a bug, I hope to be fixed in the next release.

Iscriversi a Media