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intel visual fortran running error


I got problems running an existing code. When I try to run the code created by CVF. the intel visual fortran give me the error "the system can not find file specified". I am not sure if I put the code and the file needed in the right directory. Can anybody tell me how to put the code and file needed in the right directory?  

Also, when the intel visual fortran run the code, it gives me error "compilation aborted". Can any one tell me how to solve this problem?

OpenGL Performance Issues

I'm having OpenGL performance issues in an application with the latest Sandybridge HD3000 hardware on Ubuntu 12.04. I've attached the glxinfo output and the Xorg log file for this system. I know this same code works on Windows, and OS X with the same chipset running OpenGL. The same code has also been tested and works on Ubuntu 10.04 with older G35 chipsets as well as other ATI and NVIDIA cards. However, the problem I'm seeing is that the performance will dramatically degrade over time until the Xorg process is taking up ~100% CPU.

Intel 945GM with NonEDIDMode no effect

Hi Experts,

I know this has been discussed since 2006 & believe me, i've read, read, read & tried, tried, tried. My Dell ST2320L monitor suddenly decided to stop giving out EDID data after my WinXP crashed. But the CI channel still works as I can still control the brightness & contrast. Just the DDC died. So I tried

Recommended fast texture streaming method for HD video?

I am working on real-time video software and would like to upload multiple HD resolution images to textures.

Ideally I'd like to load at least 4  streams at 1080p resolution, updating those textures at 30-60hz.  Due to the real-time nature of this software, low latency is also important.

What is the recommended way to do this in OpenGL?

My current system is an Intel i7 with Intel HD 3000 GPU.  So far, performance has been poor and using PBOs to modify textures has not improved performance.

How to enable Intel HD Graphics 3000 to support HDMI deep color output?


I want to output 12bit per component, i.e. 36bit/pixel, from HDMI.

I checked registry and found DeepColorHDMIDisable is set to 0.

But I can only get 24bit/pixel from HDMI port.  What's missing?

I checked Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel but found no where to enable this feature.



How to acquire a NV12 data after decoding in H264?

Hi, All

I have a few quesetions during testing a sample decode in MSDK 2012.

1. when I output NV12 format after decoding in H264, the output result is good as like figure(No error.png).

but I rewrite the source as following:

    BYTE* pDec = new BYTE [pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropW * pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropH * 3 / 2];     

    memcpy( pDec, pmfxOutSurface->Data.Y, pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropW * pmfxOutSurface->Info.CropH); 

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