realtime loading

i am trying to write a realtime loading routine for my game level, including setting up havok collision data. i found hkpMoppUtility::buildCode will block for quite a long time, which is not good for loading. but if i put it into a seperate loading thread, it will crash. so anyone can tell me how to build a havok world without blocking in realtime?

How to create a new hkClass and its hkClassMembers


I'm writing a custom export filter. The filter adds data to the original vertices.

To do this I am changing the vertex buffer's m_vertexData to point to a new array filled with the new data.

I then changed the vertex buffer's m_format to include the offsets, size changes, etc for the data that I am adding.

When I export the data that I changed shows up, but only for the data components that were in the original vertex format.

Rigid bodies leaving the broadphase


I've set my broadphase border behaviour toBROADPHASE_BORDER_FIX_ENTITY and it works great, that is, objects become fixed after leaving the broad phase.Butwhen Iresetall gameobjects (for resetting a game level etc.)by setting position, velocity and activating the rigid body, the ones that left the broadphase are still fixed.

Can I "un-fix" them or must these rigid bodiesbe re-added to the world?



Full Debug???

The Havok 550 build doens't have the libs for linking full debug, i am wanting to use the debug memory manager to track memory leaks. the docs refer to a full debug and previous version of the library contained the fulldebug link libs.

anyone know where to get this, or can you just link against the debug to get the debug memory tracking?

Shareing resources between instances

Hi in our game we want to have a single server host manysmall user rooms. There will be hundreds of copys of the same basic room collision, then seperate placed colidables in each room.

This could lead to many GB of havok assets in memory if every room had it's own copy of the rigid body that makes up the room walls. Each room will be in a seperate hkpWorld instance, and we will be ticking each room in order on the server. so in each instance the room will be at the exact same location in all worlds.

Naming Animations


We are using Maya 8.5 and the Havok exporter.

The Animation Container class in Havok has a function FindSkeletonByName, but I see no FindAnimationBindingByName. I've looked at the documentation on the hkaAnimationBinding class and there doesn't seem to be any way to name animations.

We need to be able to name our animations so that we can use the right animation for the right skeleton. Does anyone know of a way to do this, and then obtain the animation name in code?

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character falling from rigid body

I created a character and placed it on top of an animated rigid body (cube shape). Both have friction = 1.0, and the rigid body is animated at a slow velocity using setHardKeyFrame. The problem is that once the rigid body stops, the character immediately falls off the cube. Changing the friction does not impact the result. What can I do to ensure the character stay on the cube until I specifically move it manually?

changing world size

Is there a way to change the world size (i.e. broadphase size) after its creation?
I want to be able to load more .hkx file during the game and to make sure all rigidbodies stays inside the world (by changing the world size to include them).


Iscriversi a Havok