Raycasting not always works with shifted world

I have an endless world, so i shift rigidbodies silently as in your SlidingWorldDemo, call shiftAllObjects() before that too. I have a huge heightmap for the terrain, and i use generated terrain data (a simple 2d float array) for the hkpSampledHeightFieldShape. The broadphase size is +-2000.f, the heightmap size is +-8192.f. Everything works fine inside the +-2000.f area, around the origo. But if i try to castRay() outside of 2000.f area, the ray misses the heightmap, but works for everything else.

Welding causes Visual debugger to not respond?

Hellio. I've tried to send my mopp code through the welding utility which seems to work, but when I try to visualize it in the debugger, the debugger freezes for a really long time and is basically unusable. If I turn off the welding in my code, the debugger works as normal. What could be wrong? Thank you for any help with this, I'm trying to get rid of the character "bouncing" over edges. I can also see that my program is basically stalling at the time stepping for havok -

small clarification on source code comments regarding shape keys

Hi Havok Team,

Right now I have a custom hkpBvTreeShape returning shape keys that point to triangles. I would ideally like to generate and discard these tris on the fly. However, I was reading the comments below for hkpShapeContainer and am now unsure whether Havok will react well to that (the highlighted sections seem somewhat contradictory?).

I can't load my custom shaderlib for a custom postprocess

I creat a shaderlib called dis.shaderlib in Shader Editor Layout.

It's located in my project folder. I add a pixel shader on it . also it has been compiled.

in my program :  BOOL bResult = Vision::Shaders.LoadShaderLibrary("C:\\svn\\Assets\\distortion.ShaderLib", SHADERLIBFLAG_NONE) != NULL;

Asynchronous simulation, control and vehicles

Hello, I'm using hk2011_2_0_r1 Havok version in attempts to create fully deterministic engine. To ensure maximum FPS while keeping fixed delta time on physics simulation, I've got in touch with asynchronous stepping. But I have concerns regarding determinism of my logic over the world one's, and vehicle's visual representation.

How to measure accident/collide power?


I'm using a hkpContactListener callback listener for measuring my vehicle body accident power, but i didn't success to found any useful data for estimating accident power on the callback function and using hkpContactPointEvent& event parameter!

How can i estimate accident/collide power? that power is need to do some game logics such as body deformation/player scoring and ...

Here is my listener, now i'm using "getSeparatingVelocity" but that is not correct and don't give me correct value for the vehicle accident power:

Iscriversi a Havok