Binary Download doesn't start

Hello, I must not be understanding something here. When I go to download the latest free Havok binaries, I fill out the information requested, and click "submit", then the page just refreshes, but no download starts. At first, I thought maybe I was supposed to wait for someone to contact me with the license information and a download link, though that is not is not explicitly or implicitly stated anywhere as far as I can tell. Also, I have not received any such email.

Errors while loading exported files with hkSerializeUtil


    I'm building a 3D engine for my final year project at university and I decided to use Havok as the physics engine. I have some problems regarding file loading and file optimizations.

I use the latest version of Havok Content Tools and demo projects:


I tried to load a simple file (a box). I exported it with the Create Rigid Body and Write to Platform filters. I use 3D Studio Max 2014.

Ragdoll Orientations


I've got some problems regarding ragdolls.
The problem is that I'm having difficulties getting the ragdoll's orientation to the same as my visual representation. I do have the ragdoll working but the only way I get it to fully function is by multiplying the orientation of the ragdoll's root rigidBody with a right-handed Identity-Matrix (X-Vector being -1).

Having trouble downloading “HavokContentTools_2013-1-0_20130717_64Bit”

Having trouble downloading “HavokContentTools_2013-1-0_20130717_64Bit”

File downloads as “HavokContentTools_2013-1-0_20130717_64Bit_PcXs” but is not an exe.

Size is 335,471 Kb

I’ve tried re-downloading 4 times with the same results.

Tried making it executable and it installs with a report that it completed successfully. However, it is not working 3dsMax 2014.

Is there another site to download from?

Start from scratch

I just downloaded Havok physics and animation engine. the binary one lol. i thought it has its own GUI. but binary-only shoudda explained it. anyways. I don't know anything about this havok engine. but from what i read online i need to use VB for it. first. how do i do that. i downloaded VB 2010 Express and the tutorials look nothing like it. do i need visual express c++. and please. if you know tutorials online. pdf or on a website. not videos. post the link here. and tell me how do i start with a beginner project. a total beginner from 0.

Iscriversi a Havok