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[Suggestion] add normalize visualization for textures


This is a suggestion to help debugging textures, rendertargets and depth buffers.

When working with R16G16B16A16 formats (or depth buffer) that large scales of values, It can be very common to have very low values, or values that are spreaded to a non viewable range (e.g. [-5, 10.0] or [0.0f, 0.005]) but it would be very very handy to have a way to just hit a checkbox on texture visualizer and have the texture visualized as renormalize values to [0.0, 1.0f]

Frame Analyzer doesn't support DX11.1 annotation blocks


I see that the frame analyzer supports the old DX9 way of perf blocks but it seems like it doesn't support the new DX11.1 way.

Using the old ones requires including the dx9 headers which I'm trying to avoid and so I'm using the new ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation interface.

Is there any chance to support this in the Frame Analyzer?

Using ITT occassionally results in error: "R6025 pure virtual function call"


I started using the ITT libraries in our engine and sometimes it crashes with the error:

R6025 pure virtual function call

It never happened previously but since I use the ITT API I get it omre then 50% of the time. Is there any workaround for this problem?

Suggestion: add more info to GPA Geometry tab


Is there a way in the geometry tab to see more information per-vertex than just a position. I would like to see all the vertex attributes set to the vertex declaration and the whole output of the VS for the VS stage. That's many times a hint what is going on there.
Usually (in PIX) I debug particular vertices that I select using index buffer. Is there any similar option in the GPA? It would be also great if I can select a vertex directly using a mouse click into the mesh preview window.Thank you!


How to protect my HLSL shader source code from capturing with GPA.


When anyone capture my application window with Intel GPA, it can see my shader source code in HLSL or Assembly.

But GPA can not retrieve HLSL source code of some other softwares such as today commercial games.

I want know how can i protect my HLSL shader source code from capturing with GPA, Its not important for me about assembly, just want hide/disable HLSL view.

One fun thing is that GPA show my HLSL source code with all comments! even if i described somethings for myself.

More info :

1.My application is using DirectX 9.0 + VS2010+ C++.

Frame Analyzer Crash


I've got a simple one DX11 Dispatch frame capture of something I've been working on which crashes the Frame Analyzer when I try to analyse it, I've attached it to this post.

If you can't reproduce the crash with the attached capture I can provide more details.



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