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vPro outside corporate network / dynamic IP's / disabling red border / flashing icon

Before i start, pardon my english, it's my 3rd language.

1) Is it possible to somehow configure, that the intel vpro amt would work outside a corporate network while the computer is connected to the internet via dynamic ip through regular ethernet cable/wifi/3g modem.

Sending WSMAN request to Web Browser


Our team has recently had to switch from using SOAP requests to WS-Man. And I'm a little stuck on getting it to work, so I'm hoping someone can shed some light. 

Using OpenWSMan, I was able to invoke a RequestPowerStateChange, so I thought I could take the XML request and send it to the webservice to make it work the same way. Sadly that has not been the case. 


Question about AMT password chang and Kerberos enablement

Greetings guys. Recently I've been composing a simple python based tool for remote WS management based on wsman and AMT.

I'd like to firstly use digest as the authentication method. If so It's demanded that admin pw can be remotely changed. I know BIOS access or webUI can do this but both approaches are not applicable for bulk operation.

Have u got a nice plan for pw bulk change? It'll be best if certain wsman schema could cover this request.

Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver issue


I am using 'Win32_PNPSignedDriver' WMI class (Windows Management Instrumentation) for retrieving information from Device manager.

In that list "Intel(R) Management Engine Interface" driver information like (DeviceName, DriverVersion, Signer, Issigned) looks empty. But I can able to see the same information in device manager through manual.

This issue happening in version and until 9.*.*.*, but this issue was fixed in the latest version

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