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Help on "Action event on match"

Hi ,
Help us to understand "Action event on match" and
Create a log entry when this filter is triggered.

If we create a policy with default RX filter,TX filter
selected Action Count, Action event on match.

If we create policy like above stated ,
let me know that Number of Packet Count = Number of Events. is it right.
or any thing wrong in understanding. or any points we are missing while understanding.

Help on Circuit Breaker - Profile

In Circuit Breaker concept we can choose different Profile like
Statistics Passthru , passthru, Ratelimt and etc.

Can any one explain difference between
Passthru - Statistics passthru and
Drop Packets - Statistics Drop Packets.

One more question, if create any filter with commender.exe every time
it will show Statistics Passthru. is it bug or any thing wrong in understanding.

Please Help us on this.

Thanks & Regards,

Help on Create Filter For UDP Filter Type

In Circuit Breaker concept we are creating a one sample filter for UDP,
using CreateFilter API , it giving a Error

Error: failed while calling CbFilterCreate
PT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER: Specified parameter is invalid.

Code :
filter->FilterDirection =_0;
filter->FilterProfile = _3;
if(filter->FilterProfile == _2)
filter->FilterProfileData = 200;
filter->FilterProfileData = 0; // if

SCA's error dump

hi all,

I am configuring an AMT machine in enterprise mode and using the sample SCA thats included with sdk, I did necessary configurations on amt machine and for SCA I started SCA and AMT machine, AMT machine connected to SCA, but it failed showing this response ...

------------- SCA's response ------------

Server listens on port 9971 for incoming connections.

how to get UUID in enterprise mode setup

hi all,

how can we make different .conf.xml file for different hosts, while setting up enterprise mode, because at that time we dont know uuids of hosts ?

I think if TLS is enabled then hostname is mandatory in conf.xml file, so we need different conf.xml file for every host ??? So different files are essential if TLS is enabled ???

Any suggestion about using different conf.xml files or using default.conf.xml file.

- Sohaib



I have managed to provision my AMT clients with TLS mutual authentication. I installed the relevant certificates on my SCS pc and on my management pc. Although I am able to connect to the AMT client securely on port 16993 using the web console, I am unable to do so with the DTK. I have ensured that I am using the correct port, but when the AmtSystem class calls ConnectEx I get a WebException when the following line executes:

string s = SecurityAdmin.GetCoreVersion();

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