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App wont install on ipad


I have an issue with my app since i cant install it on my ipad.
first i tried doing it with itunes and download it in that way but this was not possible.
Then i tried to download the app with the OTA link and it gave this error:

"your app cant be installed right now"

Do you have any idea what the problem is with the ipad or app why i cant download it?


Hello there

I am a newcomer on this board, I have noticed a lot important things about developing, programing, and marketing software, either on mobile device or any other device which need electronic regulation or shall be regulated this way. But there is still a lot to question and discuss...

My approach to this issue comes from my job background. Working with safety&security related products I recognized how difficult it is to develop and program for example sensors, machinery, and virtualize it for end users in a way it works useful in practice. 

how to recover deleted text messages from android?

There are many android phone users, and losing important phone numbers or text messages from it happens unexpectedly. But if you need to recover them, you can use an android recovery app to help.

Just google it, you'll find many answers, try Coolmuster Android SMS Recovery.

And you need to root your android phone at first, or the app can't detect your phone successfully. And stop saving new data to your phone, or the deleted data will be covered.

Which Frontend S/W?

Myself Sylvie Skew, presently a homemaker. I am planning to again start my career after a long time.I have experience in application development, but now want to start with mobile s/w development. I already have knowledge of HTML, Oracle, MySql. But for frontend coding which s/w should I learn? So many are available in market today. In addition I have something to share with you all.Since we are talking about technology, we come across many such abbreviations which we are not aware of. If we know full form of such abbreviations, it becomes  easy for us to understand the meaning of it.

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