Power Efficiency


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it's surprising me that there are two different offsets for the MSR "PACKAGE_ENERGY_STATUS".

In "4th-gen-core-family-desktop-vol-2-datasheet.pdf" it says the offset should be 593Ch

In "xeon-e5-v3-datasheet-vol-2" it says the offset should be 0x90.

Both processors should be based on haswell. why there is a so big difference? 

And i can not find any information about this MSR in "64-ia-32-architectures-software-developer-manual-325462". Has not been updated?


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Power Efficiency tools to monitor VMs


I was looking for a way to monitor the power efficiency on a visualized server environment. I did try Power Gadget on a Windows server 2008 R2 but it didn't work. Is it a way to configure the tool in order to be able to get real consumption out of the host machine?

the main hypervisors I target are VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V 2008/2012.

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ACPI and Dynamic CPU Frequency


I have a basic question:

I'm using Linux (Ubuntu) and CPU I7.

The current CPU frequency is 1200hz, the maximum CPU frequency is 2100hz.

My Q is as follows:

Does Linux (or the INTEL CPU's)  increase the CPU frequency when the system is loaded ?

(i.e when the total CPU's are 70% loaded (for example) , Does the OS (without the user interference) may increase the CPU freq from 1200 to the max freq 2100, in order to decrease the load on the CPU's ?) (and without the user interference) ?


Actual CPU Frequency vs CPU Frequency Reported by the Linux "cpufreq" Subsystem

I performed an experiment that involves measuring instruction retirement rate and power consumption against reported CPU frequency and for on the P-state settings, the reported CPU frequency is not consistent with the results I am seeing.

intel db85fl motherboard display problem

Hope your days going well. Last month I purchased a motherboard. The model is : Intel DB85FL. But the problem is every day I see my PC freeze when I try to turn on the PC. When I do change RAM slot I see the PC display appears. First time I feel may be a RAM problem as a result I have purchase two transcend RAM ( 4 GB, 1333 bus speed). But problem not solved. I see again my PC still freezing every day when I try to turn on the PC. Similarly when RAM slot changing that time time I see a display again appears.
Please let me know the fixing procedure.

Finding Intel PMBus Stakeholders

Intel is a member of PMBus.org, which sets specs for digital power management. I am trying to identify the appropriate stakeholer at Intel to inform them of the potential impact of pending changes in the PMBus spec.

Can anyone help me to identify the contact information for any PMBus stakeholders?

Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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