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comparison cilk++, openmp, pthreads first results


Here the first results of my comparison of cilk++ and openmp, on my application which is 3D meshgeneration. I have done here the first part which is octree-refinement + inserting triangles. The reference is a pthreaded version of the code.
Please consider, that these are first numbers. The difference between cilk++ and openmp is also due to the used compiler-version (but cilk is done only for the 4.2.4).

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Cilk++ has moved to Intel Corporation

Cilk++ moving to Intel will allow us to go even further in helping make parallel programming easier. We are very excited about the synergies between Intels leading tools for parallel programming and the technology of Cilk++. We will have more details later this year about products from Intel that will include Cilk technology. Please provide us with your thoughts and feedback about Cilk++.

STM implementation in STM compiler

I am curious, what STM implementation used in STM compiler? Can you give some links to description, or to academic papers, or to patents.
Whether it's lock-free or obstruction-free or lock-based? Whether eager or commit time locking is used? Whether timestamp based validation is used or not? Whether it's word based, or object based? And so on.

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