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number of cilk_spawn

I have a question on the number of cilk_spawn keywords in a code block. Originally I used only one cilk_spawn as in code 1, but in myspecificexperiment, code 2 appears to be faster than code 1.

// code 1
cilk_spawn f1();

// code 2
cilk_spawn f1();
cilk_spawn f2();
cilk_spawn f3();

Is code 2 even the right way to use cilk_spawn? Could anyone please comment on the run time difference between one and multille usage of cilk_spawn?

Thank you very much in advance.


cilkview error: command exited with error condition: 1

It would be really helpful, if there was a manual where all these error conditions were explained. My search has so far been unsuccessful. I am running cilkview for a small FFT program, I get no errors from cilkscreen, and the output seems fine as well. Cilkview however throws me an error:cilkview error: command exited with error condition: 1If I skip the trials option cilkview would generate scalability data and performance analysis but then throw the same error. Incase I put the -trials all option in there with cilkview, the error appears as soon as one run of the program ends.

Reducer and Lock.

I have been trying to use a cilk_for loop in my Cilk++ code without data races. The first thing I tried is using reducer because I felt after reading the Cilk++ manual that reducer is better than lock in regards toperformance.

The problem I have is that I cannot get rid of data races by reducer (code is given below). Maybe I am not using the reducer right?

$ cat Rng.3.cilk
cilk::reducer_opadd iWorker;

Can Cilk++ be as parallel as a TBB pipeline?

My typical application reads an input file line by line, performs a time-consuming process on each line, and then writes an output file line by line. I've successfully used TBB, with a pipeline and a concurrent line queue on the input, to achieve a major parallel processing speedup. I'd like to try the next such similar application using Cilk.

Cilk++ compiler bug when calling CLAPACK functions

Hello again,

As before, I am attempting to use Cilk++ with CLAPACK to perform high performance matrix operations. I have tried to do my research but have been unable to resolve this on my own. Thanks so much for your excellent support! I'm new to Cilk++ so I apologize if I am missing something I should be doing.

Cilk++ with CLAPACK issue


I'm interested in using Cilk++ to parallelize matrix operations with CLAPACK.

I am new to both Cilk++ and CLAPACK. However, I've been able to write example programs with each package separately, but now that I'm trying to combine them I'm running into problems. After looking in vain with Google I decided it was time to ask the experts.

When I try to compile a program using both CLAPACK and Cilk++ I get the following error:

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