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PVS-Studio vs IEC SDK

I checked the IEC SDK project using the PVS-Studio static code analyzer. I just glanced through the code but managed to find a few obviously odd fragments. Below I will cite the analyzer-generated messages I have studied and the corresponding code fragments. I hope this will help to improve the project a bit. You may review other odd fragments by downloading PVS-Studio from here.

Plans for providing an estimate power usage model?


Are there any plans to provide an estimated power usage model for systems that do not have an external power meter? I would like to be able to provide statistics on approximate power usage for a program in order for customers to be able to make decisions on what hardware to use (or not to use).

Can I use the esrv tool to collect data from a Yokogawa WT210?

A customer wants to use the esrv tool to collect data from a Yokogawa WT210. He has a version using a GPIB interface, a standard protocol for transmitting digital information between measurement equipments, to a PC using a USB interface via a converter. Does the esrv have support for this configuration? The answer at this time is no. Currently, there is support for serial over USB, but not for GPIB or GPIB over USB. GPIB over USB still uses GPIB protocol and requires an adequate driver.

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Thanks for your interest in our SDK! The accuracy for power/energy measurements you will get is the accuracy of the power analyzer you will use with the SDK. For example, if you are using a WT210 from Yokogawa (for which the SDK has a built-in support), then the basic power accuracy is 0.1%. You can refer to the manufacturers web site for more details, and to the SDK documentation for other supported power analyzers. If you already have a power analyzer and if it is not supported by the SDK, you will have to develop a small support module for it (as explained in the SDK documentation).

[Request] Power model & accuracy


I am interested in this tool. Because energy is a very important factor in developing SW.

However I have some questions.

How to associate API counters with energy?

How togetpower(or energy)models?

Lastly I wonder that energy metricsis related with real system energy.

(a point ofpower(orenergy)model's accuracy)

Please send me the information.


Jihwan Park (

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