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PTU: How to display additional fields in Eclipse

I really like the Eclipse GUI for PTU. I've been noticing, however, that more information is available in the text output than in Eclipse. For example, for a basic statisticall callgraph (vtssrun/vtssview), there is the 'total' and the 'self' time for each function. When the same results are imported into Eclipse, only 'self' will show up. Same with exact callgraph (vtcgrun/vtcgview):in the text output,there is the 'total time' and the 'number of calls' for each function. When brought up in Eclipse only the 'number of calls' will show up.

PTU problem


I installed PTU 3.1 on Fedora Core 9.
The sampling module was built successfully and loaded into the kernel.
When running the vtsarun I get the following error:

# ~/ptu31_003_lin_ia32/bin/vtsarun d7 -s -d 60 ./demo_10_2
vtsarun.bin: config_n_control.cpp:582: signed int TBSInitDriver(): Assertion `dwConfigID == 0' failed.
/root/ptu31_003_lin_ia32/bin/vtsarun: line 29: 6566 Aborted $binary "$@"

Any idea?


Etay Meiri

call sequence in PTU

Does anyone know how I can get the call sequence of functions. For example if I have


and then I modify it to


how can I know that f2 was called after/before f1? The closest thing I can find was the to use the hot stack view, but that only gives you for each function (i.e it only tells me that f1() was called by main() or that f2() was called by main(), but not the sequence).



Unable to display Statistical Callgraph results in Eclipse

Hi there,

I am new to PTU and I trying to reproduce the call_chain example in the tutorial. The code looks like this:

void f2() {
printf ("Beginning f2
printf ("Ending f2

void f1() {
printf ("Beginning f1
printf ("Ending f1

PTU fails on a particular execution with error A:vm/jit_region.cpp:LEVEL_VM::REGION::FetchRegion:1209: No valid instructions at 0x9d9ee3

Received a strange exception from PTU:

Running 32215438_0_1203475291_In.xvl...A:vm/jit_region.cpp:LEVEL_VM::REGION::FetchRegion:1209: No valid instructions at 0x9d9ee3
Detach Service Count: 27849
@CHARM-VERSION: $Id: version.cpp 13681 2007-08-15 17:40:22Z rscohn1 $
@CHARM-BUILDER: "pintest"

Can PTU analyse the L2 cache missing in phase time during application is runing


I am using the PTU to analyse the application now.And I found that it was very powerfull.But I still have some problems in using it.I want to use the PTU to detect the cache missing in a specifically time zone.for example,can PTU find out what time the event of L1 cache missing happen with high frequency during the application is running?I have kown that the PTU can displays the memory allocation graph view in the time range.Can it do that in the Data Access Collection?

vtune_drv kernel panic

I am using ptu30_005_lin_intel64 on a Rhel5 2.6.18-53.1.14.el5 kernel (to support a third party driver). I built a VTune driver for this kernel, and am able to load it without problem. But running vtsarun often results in kernel panics. Below is the console message from one incident.

----------- [cut here ] --------- [please bite here ]

Kernel BUG at lib/list_debug.c:70

lled from servicinvalid opcode: 0000 [1] SMP

last sysfs file: /block/md1/dev


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