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PTU + Vista + Array Visualizer


I am experiencing a problem with PTU, hopefully this is a configuration problem.

I have been using PTU successfully on a Windows XP (32-bit) with Visual Studio 2005 and Intel Visual Fortran. Works great.

The problem is, I have just installed a Vista x64 system (Core 2 Q6600) for compatibility testing. I installed the service packs for Vista, installed Visual Studio 2005 and service packs, installed Intel Visual Fortran. Other than having to re-enter solution/project files (grrrrr), my main Fortran application compiles, runs and can be debugged on Vista x64.

vtsaview --asm

I have been unable to view annotated assembly code when using vtsaview. I can generate samples, events, and percentages data, but I cannot drill down to the assembly line.

Should this feature work?

The binary was compiled with gcc 3.4, for x86-64 and Linux 2.4, -g3 -O3, and is not stripped. I have only used the PTU command line tools, and have not tried using the GUI.

Much thanks for any guidence.

cacheline contention issue

Hi all

In cacheline view pane,

1) Could you tell me definition of cacheline contention in PTU?
for example, If thread-1 access(read? or write?) a cacheline and thread-2 also access the cacheline,
a counter for contention increase a count. right?

Is it equivalent thread contention?

2) I've read your published paper "Parallelization Made Easier with Intel Performance-Tuning Utility"
I don't know how to collect contention. What CPU event relate to collection of cacheline contention?

Thanks in advance.

Can I use vtssrun command in a paused mode?

Hi all,

I'd like to get collecting data for specific code regions.

So I did execute the collector(vtssrun) in a paused mode, but it didn't work.


$ ./vtssrun ./exp -p -- ./a.out

Perform Statistical Call Graph data collection on the specified application


What is the specified application?

PTU Basic Data Profiling - tb5 file doesn't contain PEBS records

I'm trying out the Profile As -> Basic Data Profiling on a RHEL 4u6 x86_64 system
Processors: 2 x Xeon 2.80GHz 800MHz FSB (HT enabled, 4 threads) - Nocona E0, 64-bit, 90nm, L2: 1MB

It seems to run correctly (the 1st- and 2nd-level cache load misses and loads retired events are sampled okay), but there are several "Preprocessing failed: The passed tb5 file doesn't contain PEBS records" messages in the console, and finally, "No data profiling information to display".

PTU -- Heap profiler in Windows?


I downloaded PTU today and I am very impressed!

I have a question though. It is a bit silly... I was not able to find the heap profiling command (vthprun.exe) in the bin directory. I looked at both 32bit version and 64bit version for windows and could not find it in the packages. It is in the Linux packages though, but my app doesn't run on Linux. From the user manual, the heap profiler looks quite cool, so I'd love to try it out.

Thanks in adanvance,

Event sampling fails on Linux?

On RHEL4 from the 2.0 GUI, "Basic Statistical Callgraph" works fine, but provides limited diagnostic information. But "Basic Sampling" and "Basic Data Profiling" fail with the following messages in the Console:

Duration (sec): 0

Failed to perform sampling collection!

Custom configurations with Event-based sampling fail in the same manner.

Please help a new user get started. I assume event-based sampling is supported on Linux...?


PTU - Conversion failed

I am just starting with this tool. I ran a simple vtssrun experiment, and got the .vtss files.

I cannot view any of it, though. No matter what options, I always get the "Conversion failed" error.

> vtssview d: empprof
un2 --flat-profile

Converting trace files failed.
Conversion failed: Error calling converter

Arethere any verbose/diagnotic flags?

Sampling runs have no problems. This is on Windows XP 64.

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