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Parallel Studio for Students and Educators

Dear All,

we are at the beginning of the new academic semester and since approx. one month I'm desperately trying to request the students and educator licenses of Intel Parallel Studio.

Up to now no answer.

In my course on "development of high-performance applications" I make extensive use of Parallel Studio to teach the students how to compile, profile and optimize applications on our Intel servers and Xeon PHI processor.

Student download Intel Fortran Compiler


I am a current graduate student working in nuclear engineering field. I wonder if I can have access to the the latest Fortran Compiler for free. I read from the FAQ center and see that student can download all intel products for research purpose. But I run into error when I tried the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows*.

Could you please tell me how can I download the Fortran Compiler? Thanks a lot!


Ordering Intel Fortran for Mac and Intel Fortran for Windows


Could you tell me the best way to order the two academic products: Intel Fortran for Mac and Intel Fortran for Windows please. I am ordering through an academic institution. It will be a single user license for each product. We normally order items using a 'purchase order', does Intel support this or do I need to use an institutional credit card?  And should I order it through the Intel website:  ?

Many thanks in advance,


Beta users needed for a new smart Internet security device



We built a smart Internet security device that protects homes against hacks. In many ways, it is the first of its kind.


We are building a device that we are super passionate about… and we are looking for users who are just as passionate about IoT, connected home, and/or security in general to join a growing CUJO community, help us with the product roadmap, and try our beta. 


Intel compilers licensing policy for academia


A couple of years ago, Intel compilers could be downloaded and used for academia without a trial time, i.e. permanently. But now I'm trying to download again the compilers and I can't found this option, but only the trial-mode one. Has changed Intel its policy about the compilers, even for academia?

Best regards

Problem with FlexLM: Enable Trusted Storage failed (flexnet error code 2).

Dear sir,

I received an intel academic licence. I installed Intel parallel studio (cluster edition), I registred the licence into the intel website, I installed FlexLM and put correctly the licence file sent to me. However, flexLM does not work, see the error below

root@orions:/opt/intel/flexlm> ./chklic

License file = </usr/local/flexlm/licenses/license.dat>


could anyone help with some questions about High-k material?

Hello, Dear everyone

I'm a student from "Technische Universität Dresden", i'm going to make a presentation about High-K material
as i understand, there are only Globalfoundries, Intel, TSMC, Samsung, who are really good at it.

i wanna add a part into my presentation, which include the comparing with all these company's Technic
so i'm just wondering, could anyone tell me sth about Intel's Technic for High-K material?

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