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OpenCV default colorspace

Hi All,

I have an urgent question regarding cvQueryFrame(). I couldn't find the answer anywhere. So I hope someone here can help.

If I read a video which is encoded in e.g. YUV4:2:2 color format in OpenCV by:

cap = cvCreateFileCapture("input.avi");
IplImage *in = cvQueryFrame(cap);

Will in then always be in the BGR colorspace? Or will in be in the YUV4:4:4 colorspace?

Will OpenCV in cvQueryFrame() automatically convert any video of any colorspace into the BGR colorspace by default? Or if the encoded

Getting Lucky Cloud Demo running on Windows 7, 64-bit OS and VS2008 SP1

Hi, I built both DEBUG and RELEASE version of the Lucky Cloud demo and compiles and link fine. Only two warnings below. 1>------ Rebuild All started: Project: LuckyCloud, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1>Deleting intermediate and output files for project 'LuckyCloud', configuration 'Debug|Win32' 1>Compiling... 1>DXUT.cpp 1>Compiling... 1>DXUTcamera.cpp 1>DXUTgui.cpp 1>DXUTres.cpp 1>SDKmesh.cpp 1>SDKmisc.cpp 1>Camera.cpp 1>CloudParticle.cpp 1>CloudShader.cpp 1>D3DUtil.cpp 1>GameScene.cpp 1>Heightmap.cpp 1>LuckyCloud.cpp

Imagine Cup USA 2010 and USC

Hi, A group of my students at USC were top 10 finalists to the Microsoft Imagine Cup USA 2010 held at Washington DC this last April. Team Cosmopolis presented their game to judges and VIP guests including Avatar Director James Cameron and Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie among others. For more information about the cup checkout:

Cosmopolis is an online multiplayer simulation game where

About single-user license

I have one problem about the single-user license.
Accoding to the single user license the software can be installed in unlimited number of machines by the owner, but
" only one copy of the Materials is in use at any one time".
My question is : after I compile my code with intel compiler and run it on machine A, am I allowed to compile my code and
run it on machine B?

Wimax 5153 firmware support needed


I am a graduate student in Computer Science. We are working on academic project, which involves wimax network. So I am planning to explore more on adhoc network and wimax protocol stack.
I was hoping if anyone can route me to the right point of contact at Intel. In order to explore the firmware and may be modified version of firmware which will give me bit more control over the underlying protocol.

Thanks in advance,

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