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Legal Question

I am participating in MTL and I want ask you would you mind if I used the materials with graphics to promode new solutions and opportunities for learning at the University. I can put on the website a lot of information about graphic, for example graphic about the Intel Academic Community. Do you think it is a good idea ? Is it legal ?

support for motherboardw with academic purposes

Does anybody know if it is possible to remove the processor head sink in a Intel Desktop Board D525MW ? As a lab for students we want to immerse a motherboard in a fish tank filled with termal oil and remove the head sink for doing thermal engineering and computer architecture experiments.

Daro Surez

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How to get high marks on your Microgrant Award submission

A number of entries we received for Round 1 of the Academic Community Microgrant Awards for Parallelism in the Classroom described interesting projects, however, the supporting information was not complete enough for us to judge them highly. If youfeel this might describe your submission, we encourage you to revise and resubmit.If youhaven't yet submitted, now's your chance to apply for somesupport.

hierarchy memory latency collection

Hi, everyone
I want to collect the latency of hierarchy memory, would you please give me some advice about the testing sofware. I'm working on the Intel i3/i5/i7 processor; it seems that the Calibrator(0.9e) and Memory analyzer 3.8 didn't work well. They can't give thelatency of memory accessing, nor can work on the i series processors. Besides, how to measure the latency of L1I miss and branch misprediction?
Are there any other softwares or methods that can meet these requrements?
thanks a lot!
Best regards

Awards for Parallelism

This Thread is to discuss our new Microgrant Awards for Parallelism Cours Materials. Intel is sponsoringcash awards to encourage the creation of teaching content, including tools, games, labs, demonstrations and other examples that can be used in the classroom to introduce parallel programming concepts into computer science, computational sciences, and other science and math courses at many levels.

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