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Single precision real constants

I have a project where /fpconstant is specified for both Debug and Release builds.  However the Debug version is still interpreting a single real constant oddly.  I have:

double precision, parameter   :: KToFShift      = -459.67

Yet when I print it out in the code:

      write(78,*) KToFShift

I get:


In Release it shows up correctly.  Why does Debug show it incorrectly?


Installation problem: 32-bit libraries not found on this system on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Hi all,

Ijust installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to my 64bit laptop.

I downloaded Intel Fortran Composer XE for Linux - Version 2013 SP1.

During the installation I got "Unsupported operating system error" but I skipped it.

Later, I get :

Missing optional prerequisites

-- 32-bit libraries not found


I followed the instructions given in:

Build from command line

I have a solution which consists of many projects: vfproj, vcxproj and 1 csproj (C#).  The vfproj and vcxproj have the config Debug|Win32, so I build from the command line with:

devenv AllDll.sln /build "Debug|Win32"

This builds all the vfproj and vcxproj projects.  However the csproj doesn't have this config, instead it has Debug|AnyCPU and so the csproj project doesn't build.  All projects build fine from Visual Studio if I do a Clean, Build.

Any idea how get them all to build from the command line?

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