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I do not see the Visual Studio!

Today I downloaded the Visual Studio Fortran for evaluation. After the installation, I got the following options: Intel (Storage Technology), Intel Math Kernel Library, Intel Parallel Studio (Intel Premier Support, Manager Software, Getting Started). But I do not see how to call the Visual Studio to enter Fortran codes. Can someone help me? I I am using "Windows 10" and a notebook Dell with Intel i7, 16 GB RAM. Thanks. I have two e-mails: and

text output in opengl

in an attempt to recreate the useful but now defunct glutbitmapcharacter routine, I'm attempting to use the fwglUseFontBitmaps routine as described at:

Unfortunately the code fails  (okay=false, istatus = 0) when the fwglUseFontBitmaps function is called.  Any ideas ?

Identifying who registered a serial number in our organization


I recently joined a company as a system admin and one of our responsibilities is to keep track of license. Unfortunately, the previous IT staff did not keep track of this information.

What I'm left with now is a long list of serial numbers, and I need to identify a) who registered them b) if they're in active use and c) on which machine they're installed.

Multi-OS Engine [Beta] Download and Installation

Multi-OS Engine provides time-saving and productivity features to use Java code to create Android* and iOS* apps. Thank you for applying for early access to the Multi-OS Engine beta. With your approval for early access to this beta product, please utilize the links below to download the Multi-OS Engine.
  • Android*
  • iOS* Apple
  • Apple OS X*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • Java*
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  • Mixed language - Windows vs. Linux

    I am developing a Fortran program that calls C functions, that in turn call Fortran (BLAS and LAPACK).  On Windows I use IVF and MSVC, and it all works fine. I have just started porting the program to Linux (on our cluster), and the first run crashed with SIGSEGV.  I have not had time yet to narrow down the crash location, but it occurs to me that it could be an issue of the compilers that are being used.

    Is there double complex interface of Iterative Sparse Solvers based on Reverse Communication Interface?

    Dear MKL experts,

         I have to solve the sparse complex double symmetric equations in huge size. I am looking for iterative sparse solvers. I found that the MKL just provides  RCI Interface Routines of double precision. Is there a set of RCI interface Routines of double complex precision? Or any suggestion to get around it?



    Detect Leaks points problem in the the middle of call stack - how to set up suppression file?

    Hi everyone,

    I have following problem - I run Intel Inxpector XE2011 Detect Leaks, I get several Memory Leak (Allocation site), when I want to dynamically load DLL file. Intel Inspector points to the function in the module, that only calls WINAPI ::LoadLibrary and is innocent (I call it MyInnocent), but not to one that is in fact leaking (I call it guilty function/module).

    As an example, I see it as following:

    In Problems window I see:

    P23 : Memory leak : MyInnocentSrc.cpp : MyInnocentSrc.exe leak_size :

    In Code Location I see:

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