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Intel Software Manager "Cannot connect to update server"

Since 4/28/2015 we've been getting "Cannot connect to update server" from ISM when we try to check for updates. Last successful check was on 4/23/2015. We get this same error on 6 systems. We have one user who has upgraded to Intel Composer 2015, and we don't get the error on that system.

Have tried turning off firewall and checked FIPS settings, which are not set, to no avail.

Manually downloading and installing updates works fine. What can we do to get ISM working again?

Here's the excerpt from ism.log:

"Not authorised" to access Intel premier support


This is another duplicate post but all the posts I've found have been fixed internally by Intel without giving any way of fixing it ourselves. Is this worth a sticky post of some sort?

I have current Parallel Studio XE C++ 2015 license with support until 2016. I've clicked on the 'activate support' link in the registration center several times. However I'm still completely unable to access Intel premier support at As soon as I put in my login details I get the message "

Not Authorized to Access

Intel Fortran 2015 and MKL95_LAPACK

Hi there,

I recently updated to the 2015 Fortran compiler and I am currently trying to get my source code to compile with the new version. So far I had a catastrophic compiler error which I have managed to resolve, but I am really stuck now!

The previous version of Intel Fortran, 2013 SP1, still had the MKL95_LAPACK module available in <install dir>/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.5.212/mkl/include/intel64/lp64/ but the new 2015 release this module is now not available.

As I am using the specific F95 Lapack functions, what can I do now?

Thanks :)

Sparse Matrix mkl_?csrmultd problem


I want to use the mkl_?csrmultd to do 2 matrix product and the output is a dense matrix.

But i am confused when i read the manual, The ldc (leading dimension of dense matrix C) is a output  parameters( not a input parameter as usual ?), and the length of ib is m+1. The definition of ia is also very different with other sparse matrix routines, because the length is not m+1. 

Is there any problem about this part?

Any help and comment will be appreciated.




Trial Version and Developer Studio

I apologize if this question has been asked before.

Somebody else in my company wants to evaluate Intel Fortran (aka Parallel Study XE 2015 Composer). He downloaded the trial version, but he installed the wrong Developer Studio trial (he downloaded Express instead of Professional). What's the easiest way to straighten things up?

a. Uninstall both and then install the trial version of Visual Studio Professional, followed by Intel Fortran.

forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)

I have a strange error that I am not sure how to deal with. I have a scientific numerical code that uses multiprocessors to run. If I run on a single process (CPU), the code can run essentially forever. However, when I use multiprocessors, e.g. it crashes after a fixed number of 'iterations' (over a million, which is quite a lot), in this case it runs for a couple of days before crashing with error:

forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)

Remote Activation in Windows 8.1

I have a brand new copy of Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 12.1 that I am installing on a laptop w/o internet access.   Using Remote Activation I obtained the machine key and unlock code from the Intel registration web site.   When the unlock key is entered on the laptop setup screen, I get the message "The response entered is incorrect".    Is this older version incompatible with W 8.1?    How do I get the product activated?

Source code for Intel Media SDK h.264 decoder.

We need the source code for the Intel Media SDK H.264 decoder.

We have some H264 files that decode fine with our (LEADTOOLS) decoder (which is based on older Intel decoder code), but fail to decode with the latest Intel Media SDK decoder. And since there is no way to predict for which files the decoder will fail, we have the hardware acceleration in our H264 decoder disabled by default.

If we had the source code for the decoder, we could try and fix some of these problems ourselves.

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