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how can i output the RGB data and depth(x,y,z) to files?

Now I work on perceptual computing SDK . The aim is to get the RGB data and depth data(x, y, z) of every frame  and save them to files. in other meaning, when I get a image, I need their RGB data and depth data. but image and depth resolution are not the same, I don't know how to get the depth of every pixel. For example, the raw-stream example can output 640*480 image, but the depth can output 320*240 image, How can I get the depth data(x, y, z) of every pixel of image? I don't know which SDK function can do this.

Problems with PXCGesture::ProcessImageAsync() function and synchronization

All the samples work fine.

I`m trying to use SDK without utility lib.

I read the SDK documentation and everything was clear, nothing I could not understand. I tried to implement my own utility classes to start catching gestures, but ran into a problem, the reason of which I cant understand, and I hope someone can help me.

My library initializes those instances:


I'm trying to follow along with examples from, but I can't find the file "camera_uvmap" anywhere in my SDK. I downloaded the most recent version of the Perceptual Computing SDK from yesterday, but the sample isn't in there. 

Hand detection range


I am trying to extend the hand detection (not tracking) range.

I am working with a brand new Senz3D camera, and I have been informed that the hand recognition can be extended up to 1 meter (source : SoftKinetic).

I am using the Unity library (libpxcupipeline.dll v 1.0.7383) and the following line of code to set the depth range to 1 meter :

mPXC.SetDeviceProperty(PXCMCapture.Device.Property.PROPERTY_DEPTH_SENSOR_RANGE, new float[]{200,1000});

But the hand detection still occurs at 40/50 cm max. How can I extend this range ?


My experience that make the camera work with PCL1.7.1


   After several days painful trials and errors, the PCL is successfully deployed with PXC SDK. This journal could serve as a guideline for those who would like to use this library for intel depth camera. Pls forgive my poor English.

System Environment

  OS: windows 8.1( there should be no difference if you use win7  or win 8)

  Compiler: Visual studio 2012( VS11)


Altering the Depth Info and using it in PXCGesture to track fingers


I would like to able to track fingers in a special scenario where it requires me to edit the depth data and have the finger tracking software use the edited depth data instead of the depth data caught by the depth camera. Currently I do it along the following lines (I've skipped a number of steps that I don't think effect anything to give you the gist):

PXCSmartPtr<PXCSession> session;
pxcStatus sts=PXCSession_Create(&session);

UtilCapture capture(session);

//Locate streams etc. here

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