Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK (Archived)

Segmentation Viewer in Unity

Under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\bin\win32" there is "segmentation_viewer.exe"

The source code for this is in Visual Studios C# in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\framework\CSharp\segmentation_viewer.cs"

However, they do not include an example of segmentation_viewer for Unity. All they seem to have is a version for Unity with a lot less functionality than the Visual Studios C# version.

In order to do segmentation, the VS C# version has UtilMPipeline with a function "EnableSegmentation" among other very useful functions.

Creating mask over hand in Unity using depth camera


I am using Unity to create a mask that will completely cover a user's arm/hand or other object when they put it in front of the camera.

I need the mask to line up as perfectly as possible with what the hand looks like in the colored image.

I started out by using the Unity example that I found here:

Require the Intel Perceptual Compute SDK Installer


I recently reinstalled my computer. In my attempt to set up all my software, I realized the PerC SDK Installer has been removed. Unfortunately, I require the installer, as my project work depends on it. Could someone please provide me with a link as where I could access the SDK? Or Private Message me so you can send it to my email.

Kind Regards,


App challenge - Learning edutainment category


I would like some clarification about this category description. When I request the landing page:

And click on the hat above LEARNING EDUTAINMENT the following description appears:

With your app, learning isn’t a snap, it’s a swipe. Your software leverages Intel® RealSense™ Technology to integrate all 10 fingers, 8 unique gestures, and raw depth data capability for creating interactive e-books,edutainment games and other learning apps.

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