Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK

Unregister or Upgrade from pioneer to Ambassador...

I just signed up to the RealSense competition under the wrong method as I was offered the ambassador track, but I applied under the pioneer track. Can I either unregister my email/user name or upgrade/change which track I am on? 

Also it says the new RealSense camera is ONLY windows 8.1? Is that correct? 

Get rid of the noise without smoothing


Is there anyway to get rid of the noise that appear when I turned off the smoothing feature?

For the project I am working I had to turn off the smoothing feature and because of that I'm getting a lof of noise. Even when the camera is not facing anything....

Here is a video of the noise that I'm getting. In the video I'm using a depth mask to filtrate only the things that are closer to the camera. Then, the histogram only shows these values.


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Obtaining GeoNode of all five fingers in a Single Call


I have been working with the Intel perceptual computing SDK (C#) lately. In the documentation it is mentioned that ,to retrieve the GeoNode data of all five fingers the following API can be used.(Please refer : Documentation->SDK manuals->Programming Guide->Finger Tracking and Pose/Gesture Recognition->Geometric Nodes and Hand Modeling->C# example 47).

supported processors for Real Sense

Hi All,

Real Sense contest is started and we all are excited about it. But I have question

In supported processors, Intel have mentioned 4th generation and future Intel® Core™ Processors. Is this the only supported processor or its a recommendation?

What will happen if I install RealSense sdk on Intel 3rd Generation i7 processor? Will it work?



Unhandled exception using depth sensor


All PCSDK samples seems to be working except the ones using depth sensor. Installed intel_pc_sdk_offline_package_t_1.8.13842.0.exe.

When starting c:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\PCSDK\bin\x64\gesture_viewer.exe using Labelmap it works, but when selecting Depth then click Start it displays GPF.

When compiled from the source and started from the Visual Studio it outputs:

Iscriversi a Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK