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Java Developer's Guide v1.1

Java Developer's Guide v1.1: This document can provide with a great start for any developer looking to exploit their Java skills in the mobile arena. The document provides an overview of the Series 40 platform and the Java APIs supported by Nokia also.

Java SDK Source and offer to help...

Hi All, Who wrote the Java SDK for Intel Appup? Is the source available so if one offers to help they can? I am stopped dead in the water since it appears the SDK does not support java command line parameters or System variables from the packaging tool. Perhaps there is a next release I can try that will address these issues?? Thanks, Tony Anecito 2010 JavaOne Duke Award winner.

Issues using SDK and tools...

Hi All, I tried using the SDK and its tools and ran into the following show stoppers for now for me: 1. -xmx parameter is not supported by the tools. 2. -D parameters not supported by the tools. 3. My jar passes validation but when launched the command window shows briefly then closes. Where can I get a log of what happened?? 4. The debug tool says it is listening but nothing shows up in the screen when I execute step 3 above. Anyone knows the answers to the first 3 questions? Thanks, -Tony

JavaOne Conference!!

I'm posting here because I can't seem to get a reply from the official Oracle devlop conference E-Mail address. I responded to the conference "JavaOne and Oracle Develop" a while back, and last week received a notification that my submission was accepted. As I'm eager to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the conference, I'd like to inquire more as to how would this conference benefit developers like us…

Security Certificates and potential Customer concerns...

Hi All, I noticed the question was never answered regarding the need for security certificate. This is a serious issue becuase when it expires the customers will be calling into Intel wondering why there is an expiration date. Just thought you should know. I am in the process of renewing my certificate then looking into repackaging for for Appup and wondering about emails a year from now. BTW Oracle started down the path of a single jar then changed to multiple jars so the updates would not be an issue for users. Buit then they were using Java Web Start for deployment. Regards,

JavaME game Support ??

Hi, I have one simulator, which contains javaME library and Swing components. If I give input Jar file (output of JavaME game ) into simulator and It is running into my PC. Some one please explain can I use JavaME libraries? Basically my swing component is act as a frount view but the game resources & sources are JavaME. Is this process will pass the validation?? -R.
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