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Licensing Manager issue

Hi guys,

I wrote this code 

package {

import flash.display.MovieClip;
import com.adobe.licensing.LicenseManager

I wrote this code inside Flash 

public class sampleGame extends MovieClip

// Properties: You can set the myGuid string to Empty or null value as per below

Why do not .air encapsulation in 2.0?

Hello guys ,

I am a newbie intel app dev. I am actionScript developer. I have an air file. encapsulation 1.0 is able to convert air files into msi file, but encapsulation 2.0 is not.  Why is this so? Does intel support air apps with encapsulation 2.0 ? I show this problem with images.

Do you have the full support of Intel  application of air?  

AIR 3.4+ support?

Is Intel working on supporting newer AIR SDKs such as the latest 3.4 (with 3.5 beta already out)?

Most of the extensive work in AIR these days is with Stage3D graphics and gaming ( and without at least AIR 3.4 support in AppUp this isn't really a viable option for distribution for most AIR developers.

(It doesn't help that this forum seems to be filled with no-reply posts either, did I already miss an announcement that AppUp is phasing out AIR support??)

Development Environment for AIR application.

Hi, I joined late and I have following questions ? (1) Why there is * made in Meego and AIR SDK(preferably AIR as this forum belongs to AIR) download links.It reminds me of doubtful hidden conditions?What are they? (2) I have downloaded and using Flash Builder 4.5 (90 daytrial , now only 30 days left), is this version supported, I came across in the forums that 4.1 version is supported but what about this? (3)What all tools and IDE needed for me to develop the apps using AIR.PLz dont direct me to a link for this rather type here only, lest I will get lost in the multiple tabs.

Intel AppUp™ Encapsulator Beta tool for packaging AIR apps to MSI

As of September 14, 2011, AIR submissions are now being accepted again.Developers with AIR applications can no longer upload the AIR files on the AppUp developer portal. Developers will now need to package the AIR file to an MSI using the Intel AppUp Encapsulator Beta service and then upload the MSI directly onto the Intel AppUp for validation Below is the link to Encapsulator Note: AIR is only supported for windows Note that for AIR apps the developer *MUST* supply a GUID from their Dashboard

AIR LicenseManager Error

I get an error when I try to package my app for AppUp. I have published an app already using the same SDK SWC and licensing calls, but for this new app it is giving me a strange error. It also works if i set up the licensing on a blank project. WHAT is causing it to give me this absurd error? Error: LicenseManager needs to be called from applicationComplete handler or later. Please make sure that LicenseManager is not being called from creationComplete handler.

Your License can not be validated

I'm getting this error from the license manager on install Your license can not be validated Please check your internet connection and try again I have "" for the GUID as instructed and have tried it with also node/1794 I've searched around on the error. Two threads on it but no solutions. One thread said it was an incorrect update url but I can't find anything on that. I have uploaded the app but not submitted it for validation. Ideas? Much appreciated Phil

Error: Unsupported AIR namespace in the application descriptor (-app.xml) file. Only 1.5.3, 2.0 and 2.5 namespaces are supported

Hello, I may be doing something totally silly but I get this error when trying to run the app from flash builder Error: Unsupported AIR namespace in the application descriptor (-app.xml) file. Only 1.5.3, 2.0 and 2.5 namespaces are supported in this version of licensing SDK. When I actually compile there are no errors but the licensing manager does not function. Anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Phil
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