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About FaceBook Widget

I submitted an app which made by AppUp Creator, and it has been rejected today. One of the rejection reason is "Angel Fan (Facebook) tab of the application does not display anything". Actually , there has contents in this Facebook Page, but it need over 20 seconds for loading the page. I think some issues cause the page loading so slow, (1) network transfer (2) Widget too slow . Maybe you can add some message in this Widget that can tell users that this page is loading, like your RSS Widget, as below:

Welcome to AppUp Creator

Hi, I'm Jim, one of the developers of Intel AppUp Creator beta. I hope you had a chance to go visit the tool. If you have not and want to learn more, please visit: I had a great time developing the tool and making the demo and tutorial videos. Yes, the voice is mine. We had fun developing a tool that will hopefully make your life easier. It was exciting for us to make the beta release during the Elements 2011 event. If you were in my session, thank you for attending.
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