HTML5 Application Development works first time only in Windows Phone 8

I am developing an HTML5 app with Intel SDK, compiling for Windows Phone 8 platform, and deploying and testing on Nokia Lumia 530.

Inside my app, an internal button must open an URL in system browser:

HTML: <button class = "ui-btn my-button" id = "testExternalLink1"> Button 1 </ button>

JS: $ ("# testExternalLink1"). On ('click', function () { ('', '_system');});

recording of Media save at where? and how to load it by html <audio> tag?


Hi I’m trying to use the <audio> tag to play a recording from Media, however, I cannot find where the src of the audio recording. Although it says it locate at /sdcard/myRecording100.wav ,but audio’s src didn’t find files.




<audio class="widget uib_w_2 d-margins" data-uib="media/audio" data-ver="0" controls="controls">

                                                  <source src="/sdcard/myRecording100.wav" type="audio/wav">




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