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Asset Submission not working for IOS

I'm having build issues with IOS but the following issue is a real pain. I'm using version 1826

I have set up the assets such as icons and splash screens and they are uploaded fine.

If I change tabs then go back to the assets and check them they have changed to a previous version of the asset.

In the example movie attached you will see I select a new icon. The original icon you will see has shaded with shadow the new icon is flat. In the example I change the 60x60 and 120x120 icons to the new version but they revert to the old.

Windows Store reject only one APP (from 3)

One of my APPs that I am submitting to Windows Store was rejected.

The others 2 was passed OK.

The explanation is:

Certification Report

Overall result: failed

Report generated at 3/27/2015 12:05 PM UTC

Windows 8

Security tests: incomplete

This test scans your app for malware and unwanted behaviors. Learn more


Back button doesn't go to the correct page from sub-pages

I am having problems navigating from a sub-page back to the parent page.  I'm using App Framework with the standard header and back button combo from Controls section.  When going from one page to another and then back it works as expected.  But if I go from the main page to page A and then to a sub-page A.1 and hit the back button the app goes back to the main page instead of the parent page.  And if I then click on the page A link from the main page it takes me to sub-page A.1  instead of the parent page A.  Did that make sense?

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