Crosswalk 7 Open SSL Update

The update to Crosswalk 7 has been pushed to production.

The Crosswalk team has updated Crosswalk 7 with the CVE security fixes for Open SSL to bring Crosswalk 7 in compliance. This was accomplished by updating the base Chromium version used in Crosswalk, which fixes the known Open SSL vulnerabilities. Below are commit logs for Chromium and Crosswalk detailing the fixes.

Intel® XDK Update for April 2015, and Apache* Cordova*

As you are probably aware, we did two updates in the past couple of weeks.  The March 30 update, build 1878, was a regular update to fix a number of open issues.  This one today, build 1912, is to address some regressions with that update.   Not what we had planned.  From all of us in the Intel® XDK team, our apologies for having to give you another update so quickly.  Fortunately, we do know exactly why and how the regressions happened and are correcting our development and testing processes appropriately.

So, what’s in this update?

App Preview - Windows 8

If you are experiencing issues connecting to the Intel XDK from AppPreview in the “Local Apps” tab on a Windows 8 on the same device, run the following command from the cmd prompt. It will allow the the XDK and App Preview to communicate. DO NOT copy/paste it, I had to type it in for it to work. If it works, it will return OK.

CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt –a –n=appup.intelapppreview_8j3eq9eme6ctt



英特尔® 开发人员专区的专家、创新人才和黑带软件开发人员,每个月都奉献数百篇精彩文章和博文,从代码样本到操作指南均有涵盖。我们从中精选最受欢迎的软件开发案例,让您轻松阅读,不要错过!

1. 如何在两分钟之内在英特尔® 架构上优化 Android 应用 (NDK)

Jean-Claude Cottier 在游戏行业有着18 年以上的工作经验。他开发的原生跨平台引擎,能够快速将其大量游戏移植到大部分相关平台上。让我们来看看这个平台如何在几分钟内帮助您优化应用。

Intel XDK Login (Authentication) Process Changing

We are unifying your Intel XDK login with for a simpler and more secure login. This unification process means that we are automatically creating an account that you can use to login to this Intel XDK forum and the Intel Developer Zone using the same username and password that you now use to login to the Intel XDK. Other than this login unification no other Intel XDK functionality or settings are affected.

Introduzione allo sviluppo di applicazioni mobile cross-platform

Lo sapevi che si possono sviluppare applicazioni mobile cross-platform di elevata qualità utilizzando solo HTML, CSS e JavaScript ? Ok, domanda banale, molti oramai lo sanno ma tantissimi developers non ne sono ancora al corrente o, sono ancora scettici o comunque non ancora del tutto convinti riguardo l’uso di queste tecnologie in ambito mobile; proprio per quest’ultimo motivo ho deciso di scrivere una serie di blog posts ed alcuni articoli tecnici che verranno linkati man mano in calce a questo blog post per, mostrarti come con l’uso delle tue skills in ambito web e, con l’IDE Intel XDK si possano sviluppare applicazioni mobile di elevata qualità in maniera veloce ed infine estremamente efficiente.
Iscriversi a HTML5