Connection Problems? -- Intel XDK SSL certificates updated.

On January 26, 2016 we are updated the SSL certificates on our back-end systems to SHA2 certificates. The existing certificates were due to expire in February of 2016. We have also disabled support for obsolete protocols.

If you are experiencing persistent connection issues (since Jan 26, 2016), please post a problem report to this thread and include in your problem report:

  • the operation that failed
  • the version of your XDK
  • the version of your operating system
  • your geographic region
  • and a screen capture

False-Positive Virus Detection of Intel XDK (Recurrence)

As of Jan 25, 2016 the version 2893 hot-fix release is being incorrectly flagged by some anti-virus applications. We are working with the anti-virus vendors on a solution to this problem. In the meantime, if you are not able to add an exception for the Intel XDK in your anti-virus software, you can try using the EA release.

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Intel® XDK Hot-Fix Update 2893

Hello Intel® XDK Users,

We just released a hot-fix update for the Intel XDK.  The updated version number is 2893.  This fix was only applied to the Intel XDK and does not apply to the Intel XDK IoT Edition or Intel XDK Early Access.

This update was made to fix the following issues from the original December release (version 2807):

Deprecation of the CLI 4.1.2 Build Option

We are deprecating the Intel XDK Cordova CLI 4.1.2 build system. This means that the CLI 4.1.2 build option will be retired at a future date (currently planned for March, 2016). We recommend that you start moving your projects to use the Intel XDK Cordova CLI 5.1.1 build option in preparation for the eventual discontinuation of the CLI 4.1.2 build option. Once CLI 4.1.2 is retired, you will no longer be able to use the Intel XDK to build apps with Cordova CLI 4.1.2.

Build error with Facebook plugin and Google Play Games Services

There is a conflict between the Facebook Connect plugin and the Google Play Games Services plugin, both of which can be found in the featured plugins list. The Google Play Games Services plugin is now obsolete, and should no longer be used. Our build system was recently upgraded to eliminate the reason for that plugin, which was provided as a stopgap solution.

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