which DB must to use ?

I know there are 4 method

  1. Local Storage.
  2. Web SQL Storage.
  3. Session Storage
  4. Indexed DB

in my job there are people go out  to country so the have to save information in their mobil, because   those places there isnt' comunication gms, 3g or 4g is a lot of data important, so after i must take this data and to charger it to server  of my company.

The better option  would be use Indexed DB or will be better  Web SQL Storage because you structure is similar to Oracle, my sql for  example ?



Collegamento della fotocamera 3D Intel® RealSense™ con Intel® Edison - JavaScript

With the Intel® RealSense™ 3D Cameras and SDK, we can create applications that can perform gesture detection, facial analysis, background segmentation, voice recognition, voice synthesis, and more. With the Intel® Edison platform IoT developer can build prototypes that gather sensor information or send control to other devices and create innovative products. In this article we will be using Intel® RealSense™ technology JavaScript Framework to send hand gesture data to server and server will send those data to trigger buzzer and led connected by Intel® Edison.

Issue with IOS build


I have an android build that works find, I have compile a version for IOS all my certificates are correct I get the build successful page. When I now when I run this on my iPad after the start up screen all I get is a white box?   Now I have done this many times before same certificates, same app, same plugins. This app has always worked on my IPad till yesterday?

Again no errors running in the emulator or on my android phones. Just IOS. Has anything change on your end?  Or has anyone experiences this ?

Intel XDK crashes every time Emulate -> Launch Debugger

Intel XDK crashes every time when I select Launch Debugger icon in the Emulate tab.

"The Intel XDK encountered a problem and must restart" is all I get.

This is a critical feature for building applications. How can I get it fixed?

My Intel XDK app is always updated when a new version comes out.

ios project setting with .plist

Hi all,


I have a small requirement where in iPad app user can be able to change some key from app settings like user can change service url from list of url's from app settings and can be handled by a javascript function in app. I heard it is possible with cordova .plist but i didnt find any support for that. Please help me on this



Thank you all :)

Error: Plugin "Cordova sqlite storage plugin" failed to install.

Hi there,

I'm trying to use the that comes already with Intel XDK in the Plugin Management located in the "Featured Plugins" --> "SQLite Native Storage" Version 0.7.11.

The thing is I'm able to add the plugin without problem, but wen I try to compile for iOS I got a error message.

I was able to add the plugin locally after download, but I would like to report this error!

Follow the error:

Iscriversi a HTML5