generating a camera event

hi there,

I'm writing a cross-platform App with XDK new and am trying to generate an event to turn the camera off, but am having no luck.

The code is something like this:, false, "jpg");  turn camera on

    // set a timer using an interval 
    timerHandle = setInterval(function(){cameraStop();}, 10000);   // give the user 10s to take a picture


// if they haven't taken the picture after 10s, turn off the camera by generating a camera event


IntelXDK , Crosswalk Runtime and WebGL


This article is about developing android apps using Intel XDK and three.js.It will give an overview on how to develop GUI based app for Android architecture using this wonderful tool.I have taken help from the article  while explaining Three.js and the full documentation of Three.js gives lot of information to work with.

Iscriversi a HTML5