looping background sound using cordova media plugin won't stop when exit app

Hi, I was playing cordova media plugin in intel xdk. I managed to make the background music to loop in my app using the following code because cordova doesn't support media loop directly. The sound indeed loops on my android phone but not on the emulator and there is also an obvious gap between each play, but I can live with it at the moment :-)

Android Crosswalk cannot download and save Zip .apk files after v2248 install

After installing version 2248, I tried to download the successfully built Android Crosswalk and regular Android builds, but after pressing save to desktop, the zip file was never downloaded and saved (after many attempts). Could this be from the recent update (v2248) or a problem on my part?

Unable to install XDK Web Win


Ive been unable to install xdk_web_win_master_2248.exe

Ive downloaded it several times, trying to install it on windows 7 that is fully updated. Laptop has a fresh install of windows on it. The only other software installed is Office 2007.

When I run the exe file the splash screen comes up for 4-5 seconds and that it. Nothing running in task manager, no files ever get copied to the hard drive and I there are no errors.

Im at a loss here as to why it fails, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Problem with Standard Cordova Plugin InAppBrowser

Hi all,

i try to load a webpage into the InAppBrowser with:

var ref ='', '_blank'); 

This is the standard example from cordova page, but unfortunately the page never loads. In the InAppBrowser it keeps showing an loading indicator on the lower left side (see screenshoot).

Version 2248 broke URL href tags in code.

I have a few href tags in my code. When I loaded the project into the latest version of XDK (2248) one of the url's was broken. The < & > characters had been replaced by their longhand form &lt; and &gt; so the url was &lt;a href="my url"&gt;My URL&lt;/a&gt;. So failed to compile and view correctly as a link in the app either under emulation of once compiled.

Update: not only URL's broken but formatting tags as well. <b> becomes &lt:b&gt; etc. This looks completely random throughout my code. 

Changes not showing in emulator but fine once compiled.

I have some code in a page, quite simple that displays an internal version number.

The code below is as shown in the code editor.


When viewing the app in the emulator I see V1.5, but once compiled I see V1.7

Currently running version 2170, Even refreshing the emulator makes not difference.

Sorry about the small image, but the app shows info I don't want shown in public.

version.png show the screen grab from the emulator.

text.png shows the content of the text box in the designer editor.

Iscriversi a HTML5