Integrating APIs with XDK - FoodEssentials Sample App

Download Intel XDK and sign up for an Intel XDK account > find this app under Start A New Project > Work with a Demo or find the source code for this sample app here:

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    Hi Team,

    I already port your Intel Dev Story app to Windows Store App,


    I would Like To suggest for the app.

    (1) Windows Phone Screen Size Width = 640

    (2) The Loading Time Too Long 

    (3) The Game challenge cant load after install in Windows Phone or Windows Store.

    (4) I also would like to suggest to have Screenshot function in Intel SDK


    How to convert GIF to PNG while maintaining transparent backround?

    I am trying to make my logo ready to be put on t-shirts for website. The site only accepts .png files, but the editing program I have will not make .pngs with a transparent backround. I currently have the image in .gif format, and the backround IS transparent in that one. How can I convert this image to .png while keep the backround transparent?

    Thank You

     The package : xdk_web_linux64_master_1494 downloaded from Intel's site , to extract it I...

     The package : xdk_web_linux64_master_1494 downloaded from Intel's site , to extract it I did not find the file only file, but to run it I get this message error :

    sudo ./
    [ sudo ] password for sandro :
    Error : Incorrect path to installation script . Installation can not be started
    if the path contains space symbols .

    Quitting ! Press "Enter " to install terminate .

    S.O : Linux Mint 17 64

    Intel XDK VS Intel App Framework

    I recently doing research for create cross-platform mobile app (more know as "Hybrid App") . And i have found out a lot of frameworks that available such as jQuery Mobile, Kendo UI, Sencha Touch...And I'm found out Intel do have provide such tool as well, which is "Intel App Framework". When I'm trying to look more on that, I'm found out something call "Intel XDK" as well, so i have confuse both them and would like to know what is the different between them, it's both are different tool? Or they are work with each other? Could "Intel App Framework" work independently like jQuery Mobile?

    App Preview not getting latest data on Droid MAXX

    I'm using App Preview on a brand new Droid MAXX. When I make a change to the app in the Intel XDK IDE and push it to the server for testing, then select the app on the device, App Preview does not launch the latest version. Instead, it launches the previous version. I have to kill App Preview and relaunch it to get the latest app. If I delete an app in the IDE, the app is not removed from App Preview.


    Note that the APIs listed below augment the standard Cordova APIs, both APIs can and should be used in your application. In some cases there is overlap between the Cordova APIs and the intel.xdk APIs; in that case, we recommend you use the Cordova API first and then use the intel.xdk API when the Cordova API either does not provide the desired functionality or provides inadequate functionality.
    Iscriversi a HTML5