jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js does not work partially on Crosswalk

I am an APP that uses jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js. Until now, using Android Cordova build it works OK.

Now, I am testing the same APP with Crosswalk build. The function drag is working, but the tap over some area doesn´t.

I tried the debug using a Motorola Xoom, but no erros.

To better undertanding, see the image attached. The area is at bottom part of the screen (sequence of letters). I can move the letters to right and left normally. But if I tap some letter, notthing happens. 

What can be this?

Is there another way to use drag/drop/tap on XDK?

Getting Tmp error on creating project

I really appreciate someone can help me on my issue. First time I have successfully installed the XDK on my windows XP and when I try to create a project, it asks to enter the name and location. After I enter a location, it gives this error first:

intel xdk error: error creating tmp directory

My environment or TMP looks like this:


I have logged in as admin and installed as admin. Thanks

1826 Release Notes

This has been a problem in the last two releases: the release notes link for a new install/download points to the *prior* version's release notes - not terribly useful.

Also, you might consider having your installer prompt before removing a current installation.

For those who want them - they are here:

XMLHTTPrequest And CrossWalk Problem

I develop an application (transformer.html) with XDK ( ThreeJs and WebGL )   to control another application. The communication is established via a WebService ( VB ASP.Net ). The first version of this transformer.html had NO WebGL neither crosswalk. In debug and emulator-Mode all is fine . Also compiled as a legacy hybrid mobile APK and published to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 OK!..The Problems POPup when i implement CrossWalk AND XMLHTTPrequest in my APP.

The same origine police is NO problem. I placed this on webserver side ( in web.config ).....

is ANYONE able to compile to Hybrid Lecacy apps using 1816??

just that question, i dont know what i'm doing wrong, after upgrading to disastrous 1816 everything went bad for me, even restoring the 1621 didn't helped, i'm unable to compile anything using hybrid legacy, my apps crash when reading the cordova.js include:

<script src="cordova.js"></script>

EVEN TEMPLATE GENERATED PROJECTS WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING EXTRA crashes, if i remove that line the app runs fine but push notifications aswell as webapp functionality get disabled, what a solution....

Offline Development

It seems to me that an online connection is required for development in Intel XDK, at the very least for compilation. Do I misunderstand? Admittedly, I'm perhaps a bit overly security-conscious, but I'd like to find clarity on this point. Thanks.

Iscriversi a HTML5