Hi everyone... 
Im kinda stumped here... i have used INTEL XDK to wrap all of my apps for a total of maybe 15 and at least that many more test wraps.

I recently downloaded the NEW update and now I have nothing. a black screen. At first I thought it was the emulator but its not. I finished the build and downloaded it to the tablet and still a black screen.

Did something change in the build set ups that I am not aware of?

it was exported in cordova from CONSTRUCT 2

but now nothing. 

any ideas?



A Little Push


Can someone give me just a little push please.

I am seeing many examples out there, but everyone seems to have a different approach. None of the examples I have seen out there use the app.js approach found in the default Phaser template in the intel xdk, The only examples that I find use this method, are the examples in the xdk. For example the Html5 examples.

Problème avec le téléchargement du zip Crosswalk


Depuis peu, le fichier zip téléchargé après le build crosswalk ne contient plus les deux APKs ARM et x86... 

Comme vous pouvez le remarquer, le nom du fichier zip contient bien "crosswalk" dans son nom. Mais les APKs ont un nom différent. Ce qui est assez étrange.

Lorsque j'installe cet APK sur mon mobile, il plante aussitôt.

Si vous pouvez m'éclairer...

Le projet natif est développé avec Construct2 (HTML5 et Javascript) exporté pour Cordova.

Using Admob widget, stuck.

I've done the get third party plugin from web and dragged the widget onto the page.

I'm not sure what should go in the android key box.

I've gone on google admob, install app manually, selected the platform android and used the 'Ad unit Id' in this box.

I've built the app and tested...I'm guessing android key is not referring to ad unit Id? what is the android key or where else have I gone wrong?(built application is a blank white page. XD).

Thanks in advance.


Edison - Fixed Bluetooth Pin

I am working on a bluetooth based product and this product will not have any way to enter a pin through a keyboard.  All the current examples of setting up bluetooth connections show using bluetoothctl and and agent to enter the pin when pairing.  It would be extremely helpful if there was an example of how to configure an Edison device with a fixed pin so that during the pairing process, the edison device will determine the pin and the pin will have to be entered on the computer or phone to complete the pairing with the edison.

How to add/modify button on Header in App Framework 3.0

I am using App Framework 3.0 in Intel XDK and I am unable to add button into Header.

I had followed example on website:

  <a id="backButton" class="button backButton">Back...</a>
  <h1>Custom Header</h1>

but it only works with App Framework 2.1 :(.

Thank you in advance!

Iscriversi a HTML5