Set android:debuggable="true"

I need to be able to debug an application on a physical device as Android 4.4.2 acts differently in some cases compared to the emulators. For example it does not support inline forms validation and I need to test a workaround. All the debuggers I have requires the apk to have 

<application android:debuggable="true" />

configured in the AndroidManifest.xml. It does not seem possible to set this through the Intel XDK UI. 

Are there any plans to add support for creating debug builds in the near future?

Thanks, Henning



gesture,drag&over and longtap recognition

i just build an app with intelxdk, and it works great. Now i want to add some gesture, but the device don't recognize nothing. I tried with "onmousedown", "ondbclick" and "drag and drop". Every one talk about gesture_viewer demo inside intelxdk, but i can't find it. Can you send me some link or manual please 

best regards 

Problems with mixed APP



My problem is that when leave the APP through a form to a PHP that receives data.

Example (APP that requests a password and sends it via a form by post method)

And in this PHP I want to detect the geographic coordinates with google API, not working if I try installing the APP on a mobile phone.

But if I test my PHP in a browser on a computer it works perfectly.

Is there some encapsulation of the APP that is preventing me from my PHP work well?





Version 1826 is so slow


I have been trying to persevere with the latest version 1826 and I don't know what you have done, but you have killed the performance.

It is so slow to save, design, update, emulate etc to the point where it is almost unusable. I run this on a Macbook Air i7 with 8GB of RAM and Yosemite 10.10.2 and it is driving me crazy.



XDK BUILD SERVER resting periods?

ok this is quite funny to say, but i've noticed that the build server stops working after 14:30 pm (GMT+9 tokyo), why i say this? 
well my work ends at 5 pm here, and everyday when i try to compile after 4:30pm the compile never ends, the green thing just keep spinning and never finishes the compilation, right now it is 4:49 pm and the compilation i started at 4:31 hasnt stopped spinning.

happens on windows, and mac, both never finishes it so i have to cancel at 5:00 when i leave my office, dont know until when this lasts, but next day seems to work fine again until 4:30.

Iscriversi a HTML5