Cannot connect to (aka OTA installs of iOS builds do not work)

There is a known issue with the build system that results in the following message when you attempt to email a built iOS app to your iOS device for installation and test:

Cannot connect to

This issue is currently under investigation.
When it is resolved a notice will be provided in this post.
Please have patience while we address this issue.



I am trying to build for android in Intel XDK, but I receive the following error:

I am not to sure as why I get this error since I have a working internet connection. How can you fix this?

Launch Icon and Splash Screen no folder icon error [SOLUTION]

I just noticed that this error occurs when you delete the image file that is set to the splash screen. You can replicate this by setting the splash screens and then deleting the files.

Solution: find the <projectname>.xdk open it on text editor and remove the icons and splash screen with errors.

how about "afui" and header?

i have two question. app_framework/2.1,I only can make div id = "afui"?if i don't begin with : <div id="afui"  > in body, it can not be dispayed? www\app_framework\2.1\css\af.ui.min.css file, I modity the "#afui .header{}",make height =0px;  then in this project, all the div  the header is cant't there other way to make the first div is not display and second div the header is display?

Iscriversi a HTML5