Project not loading

I was debugging a project and XDK emulation debugger became unresponsive.

I closed application by clicking 'X', application did exit.

After opening application again project did not load instead it appeared to be opened for the first time so I had to select project manually.

Project did not load and app got stuck with message "Opening project...".

Closing application will result in user interface being closed but nw processes will remain running.

I restarted PC and tried again. Project that gets loaded in seconds failed to load in 6 minutes.

Build failed XDK 1995

Building Android HTML 5 app using XDK 1995.  Build fails, but I don't see why from the logs.  Any ideas?  It does build ok for iOS.


The build failed. An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

You can view the log of the Android build here

Build Log:

Building a Cordova 3.5 application.

The application name is "CWS"

The package name is "com.completewellnesssolutions.mobilewellness"

No plugins were found in the intelxdk.config.xml file.

App name updated to [CWS]

App Preview 2.3.2

Running XDK 1995. Trying to us Debug on Android version 4.2.2.

Firstly took 2 or 3 attempts to install the latest App Preview before the app would load. Secondly App Preview is very unstable and the App does not respond correctly. Buttons are misplaced, screen refreshes are poor, sometimes resulting in a corrupt layout. Pressing buttons in the App does not respond correctly.

If I compile and install the my app it is fine, but live debugging is almost impossible.


Invalid Protocol Error / Index page not found errors

So sometimes (for me absolutely random) I get these errors :


When I get the first one, any games made with Intel XDK does not work on the phone. The second one I don't understand why it can't find the index. html file... It's in the main folder, the app works on all browsers and in the emulators too. Any ideas ?

iOS icons are not displayed


I tried several times to build iOS package for my app with customized icons, but every time when I install it on the device it does show the default Cordova icon. I have specified all the icons for the iOS build on the Launch Icons tab, but apparently it does not take any effect on the device. I am using the Cordova 3.x Hybrid Mobile build. The version of Intel XDK I am currently using is: 1621.

Any ideas of what might be going wrong on my side) ? I guess I am missing out something when preparing the package, but still wondering what....

XDK web vew

Where is the web view in 1995 XDK ?

It was the only debugging environment working (at list for my project).
Now I only have the emulate and the debug tab with slow performance for the first and working only after XDK restart for the second. 

Security Alert!

Dear Intel,

This is to inform you that the "Minify/obfuscate" function of intel XDK has stopped working.

I was able to view my codes by pulling the apk from a different source and when decompiled it,none of the files in the assets folder was obfuscated.

Your attention is needed.

Iscriversi a HTML5