bug: Local plugin does not support relative path

Intel XDK Version: 2807

I put my local plugins into {xdk-project}/myplugins folder (we use git to manage the code and colaborate, folder "plugins" is not in the repo). After I import the plugin, I see relative path used in the project file like this:

"origin": "./myplugins/com.jiusem.cordova.wechatshare",

But when I commit and my colleagues get the code, they cannot open the project with such error:

Plugin not found:


Could not generate debug module


I tried to use the AdMob Plugin Pro with the blank "HTML5 + Cordova" template. I installed it via Third-Party Plugins -> Import local plugin.

 I didnt use any Plugin Code - just the blank Template. When i try to debug it on my local device i get the error message "Could not generate debug module". See the whole message in the attached Screen.jpg.

I allready tried:

- using Crosswalk Runtime Embedded 14 and 11

- deleting the Cache directories

- building it on the Server. (It worked and i could start the app on my device.)

Problem building IOS app using default template - runs fine on Android


I'm trying to build a HTML5/Cordova project with phaser for iOS using the standard template for it.

It fails however and the feedback is limited to

An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.
Build Log:
Building a Cordova 5.1.1 application.
The application name is "PixxToy"
The package name is ""

There is no link to a log file or anything, so this is not very helpful.

App does not work on Android but works on IOS

Hi Community, I am using XDK 2807 and I have developed a small app that uses Cordova + Bootstrap to show a result of a php (mysql query) call (using ajax). Everything works as expected in the XDK Emulator and in the IOS App Preview (running on my iPad). But in Android device using App Preview or even installing a created APK, looks like nothing is working. Even the "app.Ready" event is not being triggered and the app buttons do not respond.


Iscriversi a HTML5