legacy ios build issue

When I attempt to perform an OTA installation of a legacy, ios ad-hoc build, I keep getting the popup message that the app "could not be installed at this time."

This occurs on two different iphones. The app was successfully built and installed OTA over a year ago. Since the certificates had expired, I generated new ones and uploaded them in the build tab of the XDK. The build completed without error.

adding an image

I'm working on an app that has a "login" button.

When the user types in their credentials and clicks "log in" I display an animated GIF (spinning wheel).

That only works when I include a full path to the file in the code, i.e; c:\apps\xdk\images\file.gif

This does not get included in the test "push" and I'm guessing also not in a build.

My question: How do I add a picture to my app that will get included in both the test and the build?



Upgrade from Android to Crosswalk build and back again.


I was experiencing some display issues on 1 brand of hardware and decided to try crosswalk to see if it was their webview that was the cause.  I rebuilt my app with crosswalk and installed on the device and it upgraded the existing vanilla android build without issue, it did fix the the display issue.   I then rebuilt the app back to vanilla android to see if the original problem reoccur but it would not install, ends with "Application not installed". 

Display issue on an Androïd real device

I got a serious display problem which delays the publishing time of my app. It is not likely to come from the XDK but might be caused by incompatibilities between some software components.  I nevertheless describe it here in case of one of you had encountered such an issue.

My app works well in the emulator and on an iPad. The problem arises only on an Androïd real device, through the App Preview or in a built version : in my case it’s a tablet Samsung Tab 2 10.1, running the 4.1.2 Androïd version.

Windows 8 Build - Package manifest is not valid

I'm building an windows 8 (for windows phone) app using XDK and Cordova Build was successfull but the appx (and appxupload) are not approved by Microsoft I'm also unable to deploy the appx on my Windows Phone 8.1

It reports that the GUID is invalid and should contain 32 characters and 4 dashes.

How can i change the GUID of my windows 8 app in XDK?

Extra icons



Im stuck becouse i want use and work ok

but im unable to change size .... no matter class font-size display always the same

can anyone point a direction for what is block font size !

<i class="mdi mdi-beaker "></i> show ok

.md-48 { font-size: 48px; }

<i class="mdi mdi-beaker md-48"></i> same size 

Any help pls

cordova-barcode-scanner will not install during build

Can anyone advise what is causing the following error, when I try to do an android build with the imported cordova plugin cordova-barcode-scanner.  I am getting the following error when I try to build.

  • Error: Plugin "AscertScanner" failed to install.

There is no other information telling me why it has failed.  

Iscriversi a HTML5