More and more, developers are being involved in the overall project plan earlier and asked for their input to help shape the final User Experience.  The guide holds all the UX information and advice you’ll need as you plan, and then move through the phases of your next project 

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Developers can make a massive impact on UX, even at the early stages of a project, by their involvement in Site Audits, Content Audits and technical Stakeholder Interviews.

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Once research results are collated, technical input will be fundamental in the creation of Use Cases, User Scenarios and Mental Models

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Continued input from developers is imperative throughout this crucial phase, principally in the areas of Content Strategy and Digital Experience Design, but most importantly of all, Ideation

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Though sometimes overlooked, developers’ contribution is vital in this phase of any project, shaping the overall UX through input on Interaction Design, Collaborative Design and Look and Feel


Along with actually building the project, the developer’s role as a critical UX contributor continues through Alpha Testing and, on an ongoing basis, executing on Market Testing results

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