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Want to add Touch capabilities to your app? Here is your source for code samples to help you interface with Windows*8. In addition, learn how to implement GPS, gyroscope, NFC, ambient light and other sensors. Whether your app runs on desktop, tablet or the new Ultrabook™ convertible platform you’ve come to the right place for resources. Code samples are available to help you with both Windows* Store or Windows* 8 Desktop apps.

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Sensor Explorer
Touch for Windows Store
Data Encryption

Head-Coupled Perspective
By Dave Houlton (Intel)Posted 12/13/20121
Visual Computing Source Dashboard Samples Head-Coupled Perspective Head-Coupled Perspective Intel Corporation Features / Description Head-Coupled Perspective is a technique for rendering a scene that resp...
Sample Application: Sensor Explorer
By Dale Taylor (Intel)Posted 12/13/20121
Abstract This sample application demonstrates how to access sensor information from a Windows 8 desktop program. The sample includes a structure for the COM events, showing how to register for and receive the sensor events as they happen. The sample also demonstrates traversing through every avai...
Windows* 8 Desktop App - Desktop Rotation Sample
By LANA L.Posted 11/08/20120
Lana N. Lindberg, Software Applications Engineer for the Intel® Atom ™ Processor Abstract The Desktop Rotation sample app shows how screen orientation changes can be detected in the desktop environment. The app, written in C++, uses reported values to modify the window display. When the code star...
Developing with Desktop Natural User Interface API’s for Developers
By adminPosted 10/17/20120
  Download Source (1.3 MB) While the evolution of computers and technology has progressed at a breakneck pace, user experience has been largely limited to and attached to the available input devices. Since the introduction of the personal computer, we’ve seen the evolut...


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Sample Application: Video Transcoder
By Mark Liu (Intel)Posted 09/28/20120
Abstract This sample application shows how to use the JavaScript* Media Transcoding API in a Windows* Store app. The application asks users to select one source video file and their choice of codec (H264, MPEG-4, or VC1) and resolution (480p, 720p, or 1080p). It then transcodes the file into one ...
Sample Application: Windows* 8 Sensors (All in One)
By THOMAS E. (Intel)Posted 09/28/20122
Abstract This sample application shows how to create a Windows* 8 Store app that will display the data outputs of the various sensors on the platform. It uses the Windows Runtime sensor APIs to register callback functions that report sensor input to the application. The application is written in ...
Sample Application: Video Chat
By PENG W. (Intel)Posted 09/28/20121
Abstract This sample application shows how to use the HTML5 video Video Tag in a Windows* Store app. The application is written in JavaScript* and it shows a gallery view from video files in the user’s video library. The application plays all video files simultaneously when it starts. The user ca...
Sample Application: Touch for Windows* Store
By THOMAS E. (Intel)Posted 09/28/20120
AbstractThis is a sample application that shows how to create a touch capable Windows* 8 store style application.  It uses the new Windows 8 store style application APIs for handling touch input on a specific object.  The application is written in C++ and draws a basic rectangle on the display.  ...


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