The Intel® XDK provides a comprehensive cross-platform development environment for developing and building hybrid HTML5 mobile and web apps. In addition to the Intel XDK classic edition, an Internet of Things (IoT) Edition supports embedded (IoT with node.JS) projects, and Intel XDK Early Access provides access to the newest features under development.

Introduction to the Intel XDK 

The Intel XDK can help you develop, debug and build HTML5 mobile apps using the Apache* Cordova* framework. This article is the best place to start for an introduction and overview of the Intel XDK development tool.

Intel® XDK Tabs Overview  

The tabs in the Intel® XDK development environment provide access to a set of tools to help you develop, debug test and build HTML5 mobile apps. This short overview summarizes the tabs and tools available.

Quick Help for APIs, Docs, FAQs and Searching the Intel XDK Web Site 

This topic provides quick access to detailed device API and developer tools documentation.

Getting Started Video  

This short video shows you the Intel XDK GUI and how you can get started using it.

Getting Started Tutorial  

This short tutorial and its demo app help you get started with the Intel XDK by walking you through a typical end-to-end workflow you can ultimately apply to your own app development process.

Release Notes - Intel XDK  

For each release, release notes provide an up-to-date summary of new features, issues addressed, and known issues.

Release Notes - Intel XDK Early Access  

These release notes describe the newest features provided by the Intel® XDK Early Access software, including a summary of known issues.

Typical Next Step:  Projects  

Use the Intel XDK Projects tab to choose the active project, create and manage projects, import app files as a project and check Cordova plug-ins and other app settings.

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