This AppStore thingy seems to be pretty broken, I submitted a MeeGo app to the store. It was rejected, but it was my fault to skip the beta testing. Now I would like to test my app without success. 1. I failed to upload a new version of the application. After some days of sucks it turned out, that the problem is not in my browsers or operating systems, but the upload is buggy and it just fails to get a new file with the same name from a previous upload. Arghhh. 2. Now I uploaded the installer with a different file name and invite myself to beta test the app, but after logging into the AppStore Center and changing to My Apps view, I see nothing. Does anybody have any idea how can I make it work this piece of shit?????
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Hi Kecsap:

Sorry to hear about your frustrations. I will send you a message with my info so I can beta-test for your app.


Hi Vincent,

thanks for your attempt to help, but I know that my app does not work. It was rejected because it just displayed black screen for a moment and nothing happened after start. It would be just very important to self-test, but I am unable to do it now because of it does not show up on my device. Normal beta testing does not help from others. :(


If you still want to me help, you are welcome to describe what you app does, some of API you have used.
Perhaps we can tackle that black screen.

Ok, so I finally could beta-test my application:

- When uploading a package, each installer upload should have a different file name, otherwise, the upload just fails without error message, with red "Submitting..." text.
- The current tablet version of the AppStore Center is in Alpha version and it is not usable. The netbook version of the AppStore Center can be installed on the tablets, but the environment is hard-coded in the AppStore Center. It means that you can run the netbook version of the program on a tablet, but it will show only the programs supporting netbooks (the AppStore Center filters the supported programs on a platform).

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