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Live Video Encoding, Recording and Streaming from Ultrabook Devices with Windows nanoStream, provided by nanocosmos is an easy-to-use, modular, live video streaming software platform to encode and stream live video in real time to Media Servers and other Network clients. With the simple nanoStream application for Intel Ultrabook, users can stream live video with software encoding, optionally available with a Intel Quicksync hardware acceleration. For most advanced video creators, business video streaming professionals and developers, the nanoStream SDK and Web Plugins make it easy to add encoding and streaming functionality to any custom desktop or web applications. Users can also broadcast their recorded/live video through the their own streaming servers, CDN or easy to use Nanocosmos server backbone. A wide range of supported codecs and protocols allows integration into several kinds of applications. Compatible to H.264, AAC, RTMP, UDP, TS, MPEG, etc. Additionally to regular video encoding, a 3D stereoscopic video mode allows 3D stereoscopic video streaming. Several licensing and business models are possible.

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