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The Anigraphical Etudes®

Premier Elite Partner

The Anigraphical Etudes® is a first to market developer of interactive music manuscript in video game format for live concert performance bringing a fully immersive audio-visual exprerience to the concert music stage. The performer navigates through the musical score interactively as they would through a 2D and 3D game worlds.

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Co-Development Opportunities, Software/Hardware Partnership, General Networking, Market Expansion, Insights and Trends, Co-Marketing Opportunities


Co-Marketing Opportunities, Software/Hardware Partnership, Insights and Trends, Market Expansion, Co-Development Opportunities, General Networking

Website URL:



P.O. Box 78582, Atlanta, GEORGIA United States

Social Media Links:


Organization Type:

Independent Software Vendor

Locations/Regions of Operation:

United States

Additional Locations/Regions of Operation:


Target Industries:

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Target End Users:


Sales model:

Direct, Retail

Technology Interests:

Windows*8, Graphics, Media, Parallel Programming/Multi-Core

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