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Computer Vision Systems

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ViEye is a passive gesture recognition system, which allows to control devices and enter data using simple gestures. Main application for this technology is control of complex home entertainment systems, computers and 3D mobile devices. This technology can be successfully applied to electronics, medicine, the automobile industry and equipping intelligent homes. ViEye makes it simple to control devices (TVs, audio systems, air conditioners), making their interfaces intuitive and user-friendly.

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Universitetsky prospekt, 28, office 1406, St.Petersburg, Petergof, SANKT-PETERBURG Russian Federation

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Organization Type:

Independent Software Vendor

Locations/Regions of Operation:

Russian Federation

Additional Locations/Regions of Operation:

Russian Federation

Target Industries:

Science and Technology Services, Other

Target End Users:

Large Business, Consumer, Small & Medium Business

Sales model:

Value-added Reseller

Technology Interests:

Windows*8, Graphics, Ultrabook, Parallel Programming/Multi-Core