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Result Location Tab Purpose and Usage

Use this tab in the Options dialog box to specify the storage directory for future Intel Advisor result files.

Result Location Tab Location

One of the tabs in the Options dialog box, which also includes:

To access this tab:

  • From the Intel Advisor GUI, choose File > Options > Result Location.

  • From the Visual Studio* menu, choose Tools > Options.... In the Options dialog box, expand the Intel Advisor program folder and choose the Result Location page.

Result Location Tab Controls

Use This

To Do This

Result location radio button

Determine whether new result files are saved in a subdirectory within each Microsoft Visual Studio* or Intel Advisor GUI project's directory, or in a custom, central location that you specify. If you select the Save all results in this directory: option, either type the path or click the Browse button to navigate to the desired custom directory location. The subdirectory name is the result name, such as e000).

When done, click OK.

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